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Top power foods for nursing mamas?

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Can we get a list going of power foods for mamas who are nursing? Foods that nourish mama and baby, help supply, etc.
Can we also say why it is good for nursing: example-oatmeal is good for milk supply.
I am just constantly hungry and I am wondering if I am needing something different or more nutritionally.
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I would say focus on getting protein-rich foods if you're always hungry. Eggs, peanut butter, clif bars/kashi/other proteiny snacks, meat if you do that, etc etc. Carbs aren't going to cut it--you need protein to keep you full!
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If you have trouble with pluuged ducts/mastitis, a handful of cashews and almonds everyday is good to keep the ducts "lubricated". It's also a tasty snack- I always combine it with fruit or yogurt.
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I keep a bag of almonds handy...for some easy protein.
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Granola: supply
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I love pranabars.
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I'm a big fan of a peanut-butter sandwich on whole-grain bread with a glass of milk or soy milk. Right there you can get almost all the extra calories you need per day while nursing (plus, I just love pb...)
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I need to eat more protein too, I've been craving carbs and gaining weight
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Though, I'm aware that most don't like it. : But a nice liver pate on some crackers can be good.
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I was really wondering about protein and whether or not I was getting enough of it. I love peanut butter too so I'll try and remember that when I am hungry!
I love almonds and almond butter but DH is allergic to almonds so I don't usually have them in the house.
Any other ideas?
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I have read that foods rich in beta carotene are good for nursing moms. Carrot juice, sweet potatoes, any red or yellow or orange veggie.

Whole grains-- barley, etc. are supposed to be good for supply.

Dark leafy greens. I'm not sure why but they have tons of nutrients and are good for everyone!!!
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Despite eating like crazy, I am still losing weight. I got some Nutiva hemp protein powder to add to my smoothies. It's pretty good.
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There is no particular diet you have to follow when you are breastfeeding. I would just keep eating a balanced diet-just like you always did before. When you are nursing you burn 500-1000 extra calories a day! (this depends on the individual) So it makes sense that you are hungry and need more calories. I focus on LOTS of raw fruits and veggies, nuts & seeds, a variety of whole grains, tofu, soy or regular yoghurt, nut butters, flax, beans...I dont actually make an effort to meet all food requirments every day. I just keep nutrient dense foods on hand and eat a fair share everytime I am hungry. My favorite snack right now is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread with a fruit smoothie on the side. (made with fruit and soymilk) This fills me up really well. If I am hungry soon after I gorge on fruit or veggies. Sometimes I just sit and eat carrot after carrot or I lean over the sink and eat 8-10 ripe nectarines. I always have a bag of nuts or seeds open so I can snack throughout the day. For dinner we always plan something really healthy and dense. My body takes the hint.
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