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YAY! Good for you! I knew you could do it!
I am so glad there are more mamas doing VBACs after multiple C/S!
You must be walking on air! I remember the elation I felt after my VBA2C!
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It sounds like you had great support! I hope my experience is like that in a few weeks
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I've been following your story and I have to say Congratulations! I got goosebumps from reading your amazing news!
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What an awesome and surreal experience! You're story is just the kind I need to hear right now.
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OH CONGRATS! I was following your other thread, so glad it all worked out, happy babymooning!
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You are an inspiration to all of us vbac moms....I love these positive hospital births......I am havig a hoispital birth and it makes me see that not everyone at a hospital is out to prevent you from having the birth of your dreams...

thanks for sharing!

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I'm tearing up reading your story! I started with the other thread, then scanned down to see what the results were. I had a UBA2C 6 years ago, best thing I've ever done! Congratulations!!!

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Originally Posted by ZanTplus3 View Post
That's right, you read it right!! We had the most amazing experience ever; I will try to recreate it as best I can, though some details are fuzzy! This will be long, but hopefully good!

Wow, what wonderful hospital staff to work with you and your baby. It's not at all like my hospital experiences, and very exciting to read. I'm sure you had a positive impact on them all as well, smoothing the way for future VBACs. How marvelous!

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WTG Momma!
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Congratulations!! I am so happy for you!
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Congratulations. You give me hope!
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Thanks for all the congratulations! We are settling in nicely, can't believe it's been a week today.
And I totally forgot to mention this, her name is Katharine.
Thanks again!
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Congratulations!!! Enjoy your sweet new baby
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Congratulations! That was an amazing story, you're very strong!
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Congratulations mama - thanks for sharing your story too. It put a tear in my eye, and it's so nice to hear a positive hospital vbac story! Enjoy your new baby
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Yay! Congrats mama...you TOTALLY rock.
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