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Lucy's Hope Chest

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I've ordered tons of stuff from Lucy's Hope Chest and have been very, very happy with everything. Becky is AWESOME and has the best customer service!! The first time I ordered from her (a year ago!) she even sent me a "sample" outfit before she made my actual order because she wanted to make sure it would fit right (my ds had some funky measurements :LOL ). She is so great to work with and really will bend over backwards for you. Everything I've ordered from her, from rompers to AIOs, has been just beautiful and extremely well made. The AIOs are very absorbant, and I've never had any wicking or leaking problems.

Lucy's Hope Chest
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Yes, Becky is AWESOME! And she's wonderful to work with, she's very quick to get your order out and she really wants to make sure youre happy with it or she'll fix it.

I just got a bunch of fitteds and more aio's and they are the best diapers in my stash. I LOVE them Her knits are cute and soft, and the inside of the diaper is this wonderful velour. The soaker is made up of a very nice and fluffy sherpa, with velour on top. I just can't say enough good things about them. And her prices are very reasonable.
The aio's are the trimest i've ever seen. Never had a leak with them, and i love the way she makes her soakers!
All in all, this is the best diaper perchase i've made so far.
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Becky is awesome. She used a different pattern to accomodate my long slender toddler. AIO's work great, super trim (with quick-dry soaker).

I ordered 10 for CDing at daycare!
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Highly Recommended

These are my all time favorite diaper. I have the quick dry version fitteds with micro-fleece topped hemp snap in soakers. The fit is perfect on my daughter an the quality is top notch. Becky offers so many adorable prints and the velour she uses on the inner side of the diaper is soft. I have tried many many different WAHM diapers for my DD and these are by far the best quality and workmanship I have found.
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I just ordered (and received) a side snapping custom fitted from Becky and I it. I can't say enough good things about her diapers or her customer service. As soon as Christmas is over and I have some more $$ I plan on ordering a half dozen more! Highly recommended!
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I love these AIOs (quick dry soaker). She has cute prints and a variety to choose from. Becky has great customer service. Shipped super fast. Her dipes fit my boys very well. I have 2 tall thin boys so they need longer in the rise and not so big in the waist and thighs. Her AIOs fit them perfectly, no gaping leg holes or loose waists...and they cover their whole bum! Needless to say I am very happy with her product and her customer service. I will definitely order from her again. I have had them for 2 months and they just keep getting more absorbant and still work great!! Did I mention I think her price is great? Great price for a great product!!
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I can not say enough about LHC.... I have now a total of 26 AIO's and roughly about 18 fitteds...... I night time pocket dipe that she made for me after telling her of my night time diaper woes....... I also have 4 of her pul covers....... she has a fantastic tuern around time and top notch customer service..... I LOVE her stuff and recomend her to any one who uses CD.........
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SAD I needed a trim fitted that is lower cost than all those $$ out there. I read all the awesome reviews of customer service from LHC and I decided to order. So I ordered 3 but my daughter is just between mediums and larges. So I ordered mediums but I added a note that I was not sure on sizing and could she get to me on that. Nothing... Then I emailed again wondering about my order and sizing. Becky emailed that she received my order and was out of one of the prints I chose. Not a huge deal but I really like it when WAHMs take items off the site that are not available. And she did not reply at all about sizing. So I finally emailed and canceled my order saying I couldn't order if I didn't know if they would fit and she had not answered my ordering questions. Becky emailed me asking how many emails I had sent about sizing. I told her and included one that she had replied to but not that part (only two questions/sentences in it not a list) and instead of saying how she would like to help me and even tell me why she had not replied (which would have been ok), she gave me the reasons and said she was sorry to not have gained me as a customer. Like oh I have enough customers I don't need another one. I would have still bought if she would have just apologized and answered my question. SUPER bummed about this customer service

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Love her work!!! Customer service is great too!
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Lucys Hope Chest

I want to start off by saying I am very sorry that Danielle was unhappy. Customer service has always been the most important thing to me. With having 3 kids all of extreme different ages I find that answering emails at night I tend to leave things out. I find the quiet time in the morning is the best to answer emails so I can get them accurately answered.

Danielle ordered at night. I responded shortly thereafter notifying her that one fabric she ordered I was out of. I normally pull fabric off once a week that is no longer in stock. She emailed me another print pick shortly before me going to bed as it was close to midnight and she asked about sizing. I got back with her quickly on a total and decided to address the sizing issue in the morning like I always do so I would no omit anything out.

I got up before 7 like I always do and I already had an another email by her canceling her order. She was very unhappy in her email and voiced her displeasure with me not answering her immediately. I had only received one small email about sizing and she mentioned 2 in her email. I emailed her immediately back asking her how many emails she sent. She replied quickly stating she had sent 2 emails and once again voiced her complete displeasure with my service and told me she was very aggravated with the fact she had to pick another fabric and that I had not answered her question about sizing.

At this point I felt there was nothing more I could do and I did tell her I was very sorry she was aggravated. I emailed to her in great detail that I take the morning to address issues as I want to give good customer service, and running around with 3 kids at night at bedtime and answering mails in detail, I leave things out. I also told her that there is a delay in server emails at times and I never got her first original email about sizing. I said that I was very sorry that I lost her a customer as customer service is the most important thing. So she did get that email about reasons why I had not replied as she directly quotes from it.

I am very sorry she is unhappy but I think a little more than 8-12 hour had elapsed and most of that was spent sleeping after midnight. I feel she should have given me a little more time to accurately answer her questions. Being a WAHM herself I feel that she should have been at least somewhat understanding and not immediately started with negative emails. I feel as if I were never given a chance. I am sorry she is unhappy. She simply did not give me enough time, nor did she take into account it was almost midnight when my quick email was sent. You have to be given a chance first, and negative emails before that chance is given in not beneficial to either side.

I will state once again that customers are always my top priority to me and will always be.
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I love LHC dipes!!!! I have always had A+++ service--- I think they are one of the best fits and designs out there- but I will not say that to loud (I like the pricing and I dont want the demand to jack that up) wink!!!

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I have one AIO and 1 paor of PJs and I absolutely LOVE them. Becky was awesome to work with - prompt to answer questions and super friendly. I always get compliments on both items.
I felt the soaker was a little thin - but I just put in a doubler and it is OK
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LHC is quickly becoming one of my favorites for fitteds, and I have a couple of AIOs on order, so they will probably be next

I didn't know what size to order (my baby is in between 2 sizes) and Becky spent quite some time emailing back and forth with me, trying to figure it out. The dipes fit Lexi perfectly and I was very pleased with her CS. Her turnaround time is quick and more importantly- accurate. My order was shipped within a day of when it was promised and her work is superb. Now I know what all the raving over LHC was about!!
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I just got my first order from her and I am totally happy. The diapers are of the highest quality and her customer service was excellent. She told me two weeks to get them and that is how long it took and I know she had a few large orders ahead of me. I am going to come back!
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I thought Id add a review on LHC myself! This was the first diaper I saw that I was like OMG, This is gorgeous! I got a Plane Print Fitted! Her customer service was excellent and the diaper is gorgeous! WorkMomShip is amazing. Has a Knit print outer and a gorgeous volour (sp?) inner with a matching doubler! Love it! Highly recommend her! Great price too for sure!
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I have two fitted diapers from LHC and I'm so pleased with them. They are very trim fitting and absorbent. I love her snap in quick dry soaker. It comes in two pieces - one snaps in with fleece on top of it, and then a smaller soaker snaps underneath that one to add more absorbency. It all dries so quickly yet can keep my super soaker dry. Very nifty idea!!
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I ordered a fitted diaper from LHC and I love it. I had been wanting a nautical print in a fitted diaper and she had the print on her site. When I got it it fir perfectly on my son on the tightest snaps so I am getting excelent use out of it. I bought it about 2 months ago and it is going strong, still fits great. I got the diaper very quickly considering that all of her diapers are custom order. I am very impressed.
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I ordered a custom dress set with matching gusset cover. Both are made VERY well and as a wahm, I was very impressed. The dress is flawless and every stitch is perfect (hard to find in some wahm dresses). I highly recommend her!
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I have three fitted and two AIOs LHC and I love them. Becky worked with me on the AIOs so that they could not have PUL. They work great and are the trimmest non-PUL AIOs I own. Her fitteds are beautiful... they are so well made, they seem perfect. The fit is great. These are now some of my favorites and I intend to order a bunch more soon!
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I purchased AIOs from Becky a few months ago and when the first batch arrived, I immediately went back for more! They are very cute, very well-made and perform beautifully. Her fabric selection is terrific as well.

Becky's turn-around time is incredible and she is wonderful to deal with. She even rushed my order since I was going out of town. Becky really cares about her customers and it shows in her friendly emails. A happy customer is obviously her first priority!

I plan to go back for more!
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