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I have ordered from Becky several times. Her customer service is great. She has dealt with my many questions, helped with a sizing issue, and kept up with my many changes to my orders.

The covers with gussets fit perfectly over my ME onesize dipes. They are soooo cute and the FOE is super soft.

The AIOs are cute, trim, and very pretty. I prefer the trifolding soakers for slightly more absorbancy.

I will definitely order from Becky again!
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I would like to edit my review of Lucy's Hope Chest. We decided we had communication issues when I ordered before and so I ordered again giving Becky the benefit of the doubt and her me. I ordered a fitted and it was made so quick and sent quickly as well. It is beautiful, well-made and trim. Exactly what I look for in a diaper! Thank you so much Becky!
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LHC is my very favorite fitted! Most of all, because this diaper has the BEST fit! And I love quick diapers. Also, the price is reasonable. I don't like to pay more than 15 for a fitted.
I also like her AIOs, very nice craftsmanship.
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Although I don't order a lot of fancy new diapers, I loved my LHC AIOs! They were my show-off diapers last summer. They fitted well during a fast-growing stage and washed well and were just great. Becky was very accommodating and always quick and pleasant. I got the quick-dry soakers which are super-trim but I think that next time, I would try the trifolds. And I would probably ask her to make the soaker-toppings the same color, dh could never get it right!
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These are just such pretty nappies. Whenever I take my girls out in them, other mums ask what they are and where I got them. LHC all in ones never wick or leak, and the larges fit my tiny girls perfectly, and will until they potty train (at 16 months, 'tiny' baby is about 19 pounds, and 'big' baby is maybe 21 pounds). Becky's all in ones are beautifully sewn, and she has got me addicted to the serged (ruffley), side snapping style. These nappies are so soft and stretchy, and shape themselves around my babies so perfectly! I love that the elastic isn't sewn into the inner-most layer, so they fit so snuggly and softly at once. Containment is excellent, but they never leave marks on my girls. Becky uses lovely materials. She has an extensive selection of beautiful prints, expecially if you join her yahoo group, where she posts lots of fabrics you can't see on her website. Because the pul layer is separate from the print layer (as opposed to the pul painted on to the print fabric), the fabric possibilities are endless, and I think this separate pul layer design is also why they are so wick-proof. I love these aio's with the fleece topped, sherpa, snap-in trifolds. Becky makes her soakers really cleverly, so that the fleece is just down the centre layer. The soakers seem the perfect width to me, that is, wide enough never to fail you, but exactly cut so that they never stick out of the nappy and wick (they never need, annoyingly, to be tucked in). Becky is a sweetheart to work with. She has endless patience for the zillions of questions I tend to ask, and will go out of her way to find special fabrics. The quality of Becky's nappies is superb.
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I my LHC diapers! I have two AIO's that I ordered custom from her. They arrived very quickly -- the prints were just amazing! So much better than I could have imagined! These are definitely my show-off diapers. I had landed a custom slot with another diaper company at the same time, but when they arrived, I just loved my LHC so much more! Can't wait until I can go back for more...

I also have one fitted from LHC -- I got this off FSOT at diaperpin, and I love it as well. The print is cute, the velour inner is DIVINE!!! Just love it.

This is an awesome WAHM, and I really hope she never goes hyena... I'm enjoying her "always open for customs" policy!!
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Great diapers and great clothes! I love, love, love my matching diaper-and-dress set. Her prices are great both on diapers and clothes, and the quality is excellent.

LHC has the hallmark of a really beautiful diaper: each part of each snap matches the material behind it.

Be sure to join her Yahoo group to get access to her latest wonderful prints.

The AIOs take some assembly. The fitteds come with matching doublers, which is great; they're absorbent even without the doubler.

The freebie soap that came inside the diaper was won-der-ful. Bonus!
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I heard so many good things about these diapers and I couldn't wait to try them! I was lucky enough to purchase some gently used one's off the trading post and I love these!! The prints are adorable, they are super trim, and the velour is sooooo soft against baby's skin. I will definately be on the look out for more of these on the TP and saving up some dough to purchase some new one's!
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I recently got my first fitted from Becky at LHC and immediatly went back for more. The Medium I bought fit my inbetween large and med fitting toddler PERFECTLY with room to grow but definately not to nig for a medium.
The rise and legs are PERFECT!
I have already ordered more and some for gifts!
The fabric selection sewing and customer service is awesome!
I am hooked!
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Another thumbs up here. SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

I have 4 of these and they are fantastic. I bought mine used on ebay and have a supersoaker baby boy and yet these diapers still function and look great. This is a good product.
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I can't say enough about LHC diapers and Becky. Her diapers, both AIO's and fitteds, are superbly made and the fabric choices are wonderful. She is a meticulous seamstress and you can tell she puts all her attention and skill into each diaper. Beyond her sewing, though, is her customer service. She is on top of emails and communicated with me throughout my custom order with her (even while she was sick with fever). I would recommend her and her diapers to anyone!
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I looooove my AIO's for LHC! I ordered a 1/2 dozen solid colors with the quick dry soaker. These dipes are beautifully made and so awesome to use! I'm just saving up to buy a dozen more ASAP. I just can't say enough about them, thanks Becky!
-Diane Jankauskas
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