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Originally Posted by simplehome View Post
These are great! But this thread is making me so sad....my 29mo ds is still nursing, but my milk has dried up from pregnancy. He doesn't really talk about it anymore, and I miss those moments! Hopefully we'll make it until January and I can hear about all of the newborn milk he's flooded with!
Have you told him the milk is coming? Maybe he'd like to talk about it!
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Originally Posted by PrennaMama View Post
Have you told him the milk is coming? Maybe he'd like to talk about it!
I have, but 4 months seems SOOOOO long in the life of a 2-year-old. He still insists that there's "LOTS of milk, mama!", but I really don't think there's a drop. I can't hand express anything, and he's not swallowing at all. Not to hijack this thread or anything....

I'm just hoping he holds out until January and I get to hear these same lovely things from him again!
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Cute thread! I love the stories. I only have one friend who CLWs, it is great to hear the tales!

My DS took a stroll through the bra isle recently. He had me cracking up as he walked down the row yelling Nursies! Nursies! and grabbing every cup in sight. Every day when I get home he is there to greet me: "Hi Mamak, how you? Go nursie on the couch?" And he always asks for "other one side nursie." He doesn't sing as much as beat box about nursies.
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Oh, how I remember the first time ds walked down the bra isle at Kohl's... so very gently reaching up with both hands and sliding them up and down those great big satiny cups. Now that he's four I try to dodge that section

His latest milk talk... This one tastes funny mama. Like what? Soup.
Really. Giggle Giggle Giggle.
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DD is 27 months old and still BFing. She likes to have "mommies" when I take her to her preschool class (at the college I attend) or when i pick her up from class. One of her teachers commented that she herself had breastfed until she was 3 years old & how great it is for kids, and I heard another say to another child who wanted to play with DD that, "M is nursing with her mama, she can play when she's all done".

The other day when I picked M up she wanted "mommies" so we sat down & she nursed. When she was done she looked at me and said "Umm...that chocolate milk in there! That yummy!" Today she told me "That chocolate milk in there, that good stuff!" Just one more thing I love about our BFing relationship~ the adorable things she says!
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It's so fun reading all of these! A few nights ago dd was sitting in the bed waiting for me to lay down with her. I was going to the bathroom, etc. When I peeked in on her she had her stuffed dog up her shirt and was singing "If you're happy and you know it have some nummers..." After that verse was finished, she switched the dog to the other side and commenced to sing the next verse - "If you're happy and you know it have switch sides..."
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The other day, DS's nanny took him to a farm, where he saw a cow being milked. He later described it to me saying, "The cow gets milked like this, squish squish (doing the hand motions)." Then he asked, "Where is the baby cow?" I said probably in the field eating grass, and he asked why the baby cow didn't get milk to eat. I said that maybe he did get milk sometimes, or maybe he was old enough to just eat grass and not have milk any more. DS's parting comment: "I'm going to have MY milk for a long, long time!"
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i love reading all of the super cute things our nurslings come out with!!

our dd who will be two in nov tells me WHERE she wants it.

"mama. i want numi's in the car"
"mama, i want numi's on the couch"
and my two favorites...
"mama, i want numi's nakey" and "i want numi's in the sun" !!!!

it's been a blessing to go this far and even on the hard days when she wants it all the time, i just remember all the benefits for her and me!!

check out the new mothering cuz there is a great article on toddler nursing!!

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My mom just reminded me of this comment DD made when she was two. I'd just begun wearing non-nursing bras about that time (she was/is still nursing, though) and had just bought a few new ones to accomodate my new, um, shape.

I lifted my shirt to nurse DD and she remarked, "That a new bra, Mommy?"

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Love the stories too...

DD is always nursing her babies...And everything in terms of big and small is related in terms of the small one being the baby of the big thing, and getting "ba-bas from it". Big teddy bears must give small teddy bears BaBas, etc...When we recently went to Disney World she saw a large display of toys, and matched all large poohs with small poohs, all large Minnie Mouses with small Minnies until as many things in the gift shop as she could reach were lined up in pairs- big characters nursing small matching characters.

She was around 2 and just getting verbal when once she looked in her potty after going and said with hand motions "big poop" (hands up and open) "small poop" (pinch fingers together) "get babas from her mommy!"

She's 2 1/2 now and the other day she was fussy and we were going home rather late, past her bed time and I said "We are almost home....you know what we get once we get there!" reminding her to hold it together for just a bit longer. And she replied with excitement, "BaBas!"

A little while later she said "Me like to think about that..." I said "what of you think of when you think of that?" She replied "You mommy!" A little bit later she said "I just love to think about that".
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Thank you for these stories. I love them! Its encouraging when your LO doesn't talk yet to hear what they might be thinking.
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Noli used to start laughing whenever I offered her the breast, like it made her so happy.
Now she is just starting to be verbal, and she calls milk "gagoo" or "guhk" and also uses sign language when she wants it.
I can't wait until she's old enough to talk about it!!
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lol, great stories!

I'll never forget when my boy was about 15 months or so old and he was with my dad looking at the horses on my parents' property. Quick as lightning, he reached out and grabbed the electric fence, shocking both of them. I hear this horrified squeal and my dad brings me a very shaken little toddler. I asked him, "Do you need boo-boos?" He sniffs and runs over to me and says, "booo-booooos!" My dad was amazed at how quickly they fixed the situation.

He self weaned about a year ago, but he'll still occasionally grab my boob in the bath and give it a kiss and grin at me. He will also say, quite loudly on occasion, "Bottles are yucky! Boo-boos are best!" (Though I tell him that some mamas can't make milk, he's a bit of a zealot.) He also loves to talk about how the new baby will get lots of boo-boos, just like he did. "I ate all my boo-boos up in my tummy and they made me big and strong and gave me muscles!"
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On a day ds (32 months) was nursing more often than usual, I asked him why he was nursing so much - he said, "It kinda very very good!" I'm 35 weeks pg so there's no milk, but it's still very, very good to him to nurse!

This was SO incredibly funny when it happened. The other night ds picked up two balloons and said, "Look at my big boobs! Mommy nursie my big boobs!" I said, "No thanks - ask Daddy!" He goes over to dh - "Daddy nursie my big boobs!" So Daddy pretends to nursie the balloon for like 2 seconds then ds says in an exasperated tone, "ALRIGHT. That's enough." (I say the "alright - that's enough" thing when he's been nursing for awhile and he starts acting silly - he'll get done and giggle then run away.)

Oh, and the same day as the balloon thing he told me out of the blue, "Mommy, I like your boobs" in a really matter-of-fact way. I said, "Thanks, buddy! At least someone does."
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this is such an adorable thread, it's made my day!
especially as a mama of an older nursling.. i get a little weary of being the allnight diner to an almost2yearold.. i suspect that he doesn't really NEED to sleep with my nipple in his mouth (which, i realise, is a seperate thing from nightnursing, but they have become somewhat linked in my sleep-deprived, sore nipple mind. so these sweet stories have WAY cheered me up and encouraged me).

i don't know how we got to this conversation, but one of my ds's favourite things is for me to talk with him while he's nursing, he prompts me into this game about how he's the only one i share 'booboos' with.. such as, 'does mama share booboos with grammy? (sweet, mouth full, 'noooo..' grinning.) does mama share booboos with zenta? (the dog) (really grinning now, 'noooo!' and then finally.. does mama share booboos with the baby? 'yes, yes, yes..'
( if we're around other people & i don't want to play it in front of them, or for whatever reason i'm too slow, he'll list everyone himself.. 'grammy, no.. lala, no.. grampa, nooo. zenta, noo. baby... (big dramatic pause) yes!') all while 'nursing'.
i swear, it could be taken so out of context if someone overheard, because we literally name everyone we know (sisters, uncles, grandparents, etc)

he also loves me to ask, 'does grammy share booboos with the baby?' does papa share booboos with the baby? etc till i get to mama, and then he laughs and says yes. i can only guess that it reinforces his sense that we are sharing a really special and rare relationship, so if it makes him happy to play, i'm happy to do it.

a few days ago he dropped his toy duck on the floor and it had an ouch and so he handed it to me and said, mama booboos for duck?

oh and also he loves to pat the breast he's nursing and tell me if it's my left or my right. 'yummy mama left booboo.'
and tell me what position he wants to be in: 'nurse standing up!' 'nurse upside down!'
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Maya has a great time with my breasts -- "ooooh, those cuties! oh, those little hunnies! ooooooh, neeeeeeeen!" caressing and smooshing me around...

a while ago she used to call them, "fat little nahn," said in a really fast voice, "fatlittlenahn."

a few nights ago she told me one of them was, "mmmmmmm, this one tastes like goat cheese!"

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What wonderful stories! I love all the sharing! I don't have any close friends that nurse-much less nurse a toddler-but going to the LLL meetings really helps.

Dd pointed to my nipple and said to herself "there's milk in there" with a big knowing grin on her face. Almost like it was her secret.
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that is so cute

however i do have to say i first read it and thought it said " I have Numbers" i was like that is the word for mamas milk then i re read it and said OMG that is to cute!!!!!!
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What a fun thread!
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Today DD (3.5) was building with her Megablocks and brought me something, told me to raise my t-shirt, and then said (to my breasts) "This trophy is for making the yummiest milk EVER!"

Verbal nurslings are adorable :
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