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Anyone else find childbirth exhilirating?

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I feel fortunate that I finally had the birth I wanted. It was a fast unmedicated hospital birth. I basically went from being able to talk in between contractions to being ready to push in a matter of 30 minutes. There were some really intense moments in there which included throwing up and feeling as though I was really losing it. I pushed on this low lying birth stool on the floor with two midwives, two nurses, a doula all cicled around me and I was able to lean back on my husband in between contractions. I could hold the baby right away and he wasn't taken away from me.

It was just so intense - it really hurt - but it was thrilling too. I get the urge to do it again even though "we're done".

I know this would sound crazy on any mainstream board.
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im with you! i had said 4 kids by 30 and im done but now, i dont think so. not just because i enjoy giving birth (yes i have finally admitted to myself that I enjoy giving birth) but also because we dont feel complete. dh and I are in a mindset where we are leaving our fertility in the hands of our lord. of course everyone i know thinks im nuts!
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Giving Birth was the most amazing peak experience of my life!
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i found birth VERY exhilirating! it was intense, and i loved every minute of it! i had my girl at home, and would do it again and again to get such a great little baby out of it!
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I was amazed at how "high" I felt after a natural birth. I felt like I could accomplish anything!
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I think I was 3 days post partum when I looked at DH and said "you know, I'm really looking forward to giving birth again someday!"

Loved it! Got the natural, out-of-hospital birth that I wanted. Now a documentary filmmaker (and fellow mother of twins) is going to interview me about my birth to help educate other MoM's on natural multiple childbirth! Can't wait to spread the word... natural birth is amazing!
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ME ME!!! It was an awesome experience that was so powerful and wonderful. I felt like superwoman!

I told DH Id have 10 more babies if I could have labors like that.

It was just too wonderful for words really.
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I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready to do it again as long as it goes like it did this time! I had a natural hospital birth and I went from wondering if I was in "real" labor or not to my water breaking and having the baby 2 1/2 hours later. Although it really did hurt and I said a week ago that I wasn't doing it again. I really have an easy baby this time too...
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I thought it was exhilerating and felt high afterwards, and two weeks later I'm still amazed. All the after aches and everything seem so much worse, even pregnancy seems like it was worse than giving birth. I credit it to my UC!
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I agree, the pregnancy was harder than the labor and birth for me. After two mc's I was just so worried. It wasn't until that little girl was on my belly and I saw that she was perfect that I believed everything was going to be okay. :

And I met a personal goal by giving birth without meds so I feel great. I do wonder if we might consider another even though "we're done". DH and I turn 38 this year and we've got two to raise, "one of each", so I should just count my blessings and start thinking about my career or something.
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I am woman, hear me roar.

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