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Which WAHMs are MDC Regulars?

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Now that very few have similar usernames to their biz and have to pay for links, I can't recall who is a biz owner here...I want to support MDC mamas. I hope it's legal to ask this - since I'm just a shopper and it isn't the WAHMs advertising...

Anyway - who here has a WAHM biz?

I know:

Little Turtle Knits
Bless U Baby (JodiM)
Girl Woman Goddess (mom2kyla?)
Babies In The Sun
Punkin Butt (Heather)
Sleeping Bean (LaLa)
Flutterby Garden (MAJiC Mama?)

Who else? I know I'm forgetting a load of them!
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phunkymama posts here off and on, but for the life of me now I can't remember her username, soemthign with daisy in it, I think? Also, Liz from Liz's Cloth, Linda from Happy Heiney's, and of course, our fearless mods Heather and LaLa both have WAHM businesses
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Don't forget Rebecca from Apron Strings Baby Things & me (Amy, :LOL)
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She hasn't posted in awhile but CarrieL from Sugarpeas, is a MDC mom, same with elemental is Lori from Fuzbaby
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Donna with 7th Heaven babies, Andrea-babies in the sun, Eva-Ducky Buns, I know there is more but that is what comes to mind
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girlfactory is Terri from FMBG.
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don't forget Freshies! she's barefoot in the sand now.
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She's new and her store isn't open yet but allformyboys is the Cushie Tushie wahm
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and Caroline from Lukes Drawers, I don't know her username though something like cgarth

and happy tushies too
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Amber from Darling Diapers (tippytoes I think???? Sorry, Amber!)
Carolyn from Luke's Drawers (cgarthe)
Pam from Wooly Wonders (pamelamama)
Jen from Ivy-Rose (ivymama)
Karen from Kool Sheep Soakers (engineer_mama)
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There is also
Lizzie of SoftLandingDiapers (Lizzie3143)
Stacy of LittleLoungingLizards (StacyLeigh)

and I know I'm forgetting a couple more...
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Rebecca from apronstringsbabythings is dandelioncrown....she is great!
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Erin is herbalmama of herbalescapesbyerin- that's the only one I know of!
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Here is a list of WAHMs that advertise with MDC:

Daily Diaper
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The only others I can think of are Twirlgirl is My Little Tribe and also Emibeans - I'm not sure if that's her username or business name though!
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Lori from Sugar Plum Baby, too, but she's not been around much b/c of the new baby, I think. I think Ann from Righteous Baby and Sharon from Lil' Munchkins check in every once in awhile, too.
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jenylynn is a new member who I know is a WAHM-
She does www.smartypants4you.com She has Honey Boys and wool covers and some other stuff. I met her in Finding Your Tribe.

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