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Anyone write a book?

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I've written a couple pages and an outline....I'm not sure I'd ever want it published, but I really think I'd like to write it.

I've had to stop my therapy due to funds, so I'd like to do something I find helpful.

Anyway, I"m just curious about your writting process.

Something like....

Currently I like to put my son in the shower, take my daughter out back to give the cat some treats, and then let her go play in the yard for a few minutes. I have a smoke (bad I know), then we go inside, get ds out of the shower, and she goes in the bath. Child can play for an hour in there. Watching her play, watching her creativity (since she only plays alone in the bath, she's always with ds) really helps me open up and write.

What's your process? Any writer can answer this one.
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I have recently finished a book that I hope to have published one day.

I guess I don't really have a process. I get most of my inspiration when I first wake up and before I open my eyes. And as I lay there, my story would just unfold in my head like I was watching a movie. (I write Christian Romance.)
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I am a nonfiction writer here, though am dabbling into a little bit of fiction for childrens books.

I have three books published and have index folders filled with ideas for future books on natural living/parenting topics. I'm revising one book and have started two others. I don't really have a writing process. When the idea hits, I jot all the ideas I can think of onto a peice of paper, file it away with it's topic on the tab, and write some title ideas on the front cover of the file folder, date the idea was "born" and any ideas I have for the book - binding, layout, format, etc.

I write best when my kids are sleeping, so that's when I really buckle down!
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