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How did you start solids?

Poll Results: How did you start solids?

  • 86% (19)
    Did you offer purees first?
  • 13% (3)
    Did you wait until they were old enough for finger foods?
22 Total Votes  
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I admit. I started with puree and now I have backed off and want to wait until they can handle finger foods. Which did you do?
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1st baby...didn't know it was possible to go straight to finger foods....so she got purees....next one will be doing finger foods.
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DD won't eat anything I put near her mouth but she actually ingested 5 or so grains of rice she stole off my plate the other day. i think we're waiting for finger foods.
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I have started with purees (fork-mashed). My 5-month-old DD is enjoying her lumpy bananas and avocados!

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IMO, there is nothing wrong w/ either approach. Whatever works for baby (and mom) is fine. My ds was interested and ready to eat at a little before 6mos. so we went ahead w/ the purees. I'm hoping my next baby is the same because I really like feeding those purees, lol... I know I'm weird. I'm sure it is a lot easier to go to just finger foods - and that's great too, but I like doing babyfood. But, that's just me.
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I voted that we offered purees, which we did. But she hated them, lol. She really didn't start eating until she could eat foods with more texture to them. She still doesn't do finger foods well - they end up on the floor, lol. Except bread products and crackers which she loves to feed herself. Everything else is either on a spoon or via chopsticks (very handy for feeding babies, btw!), but she eats everything and loves peas, corn, beans, lentils, tofu, onions, you name it! Nothing pureed, either.
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I was going to wait til 6 months but.....I tried homemade pureed peaches this past week and she loves 'em. Plus I froze some and held a frozen cube for her to teeth on, it was perfect. I am taking it real slow, I feel no need to hurry.
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We started with some rice cereal here and there, then a few pureed bananas and apples, but never did anything daily. Now, ds is 9m and still exclusively bf, but gets a token piece of fruit or veggie every so often. He's starting to become much more interested in eating what he sees us eating, so I guessed it was time to try more things.
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We started with purees. Now at almost 9 months DS can handle a little texture, and will only eat finger foods that will just mush up in his mouth. He loves his food but hates texture.
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I did the whole Super Baby Food thing. We started with fork mashed bananas. I also pureed. His favorite pureed food was mango. It was fun. Especially delving into the nutritional aspect, which foods provide what specific vitamin etc.

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Originally posted by sarahmae1
I'm sure it is a lot easier to go to just finger foods
Oh, I don't think so. If they ate purees, I could get jars and go. But I have to prepare baby meals just like grown up meals so to me it takes a lot of time.

I know most people like to make their own food, but with twins, I would go jarred in a heartbeat just to save time.
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We started letting Ella taste some solids and some purees at 9 1/2 months and now at almost 11 months she will nibble here and there but she doesn't really like anything very much. Her favorite food is frozen peas, and she will only eat a few. But that's fine with us I guess she will eat when she is ready.
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