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Product name: Onbuhimo (Japanese made)

Brief description of product: This carrier has a narrow body (narrower than a Mei Tai and American made Onbu's), extremely long straps, heavy duty marine quality plastic rings at the bottom. A snap in support pad.

Store/Site of purchase:

Price: $40

How long have you used this product? 5 months

Fit/Sizing: Since this is a Japanese made Onbu it's geared towards Japanese women who *tend* to be a bit more petite compared to American women. A extremely fluffy mama might not find it very comfortable. If your petite or fairly average it should be very comfortable!

The strap width isnt as wide as most American carriers but are nicely padded.

The narrow, smaller body size is perfect for a newborn or a baby as they dont have to splay their legs as wide to be worn on the back nor is it "overwhelmingly" big.

Performance: wonderful! Might not be as comfortable with a toddler as the body isnt very big. Ive used this with my son since he was 3 weeks and he's now 5 months and I still reach for this carrier on a daily basis.

Workmomship: Excellent!!! This is a workhorse carrier!

Customer Service/Communication: N/A

Would you purchase this product again? Yes! Infact I own 2!

Additional Comments: *I have several*
-The designs and colors are really nice!
-The Snap in head support pad is awesome! You can snap it inside the carrier body to support a younger baby and snap it up to support the head and neck of a older baby.
-Can do a super high back carry
-Can do a front, back and hip carry
-Can back carry a newborn! (dept on their size and weight! I did it with my 3 week old)-just tie a thin scarf around child so they cant slide out. (under arms, above legs) & carrier

I give it (How many thumbs up out of five?): 5