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Hello! My name is Brenna. I'm 28 and live in Austin, TX with my husband, our 21 month old daughter, and two lovely kitties. We just recently found out that we're pregnant with baby #2, and the official "due date" is next Valentine's Day, based on my FAM charting. We're planning a home birth for this little one, and are currently researching midwives here in Austin.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. Hope all is well with you!
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Nice to meet you! You'll probably have lots of choices in Austin. It's such a great town for all things natural, and great music! I've not been there in many years, but did enjoy it when I was there. When I was there, there was maybe one really tall building. That kinda dates me, doesn't it?

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Congrats and best of luck with your homebirth plans!
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Thanks so much to both of you!

BTW, LoveChild, we have the same birthday. And I found out I was pregnant on my birthday, too!
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We have the same due date, I'm having a Valentines day baby too!
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