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Bjorn's birth story and photos

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I did my own prenatal care during my pregnancy this time and I really enjoyed having that responsibility. My previous three births were fairly quick, the first being 8 hours and the last being 2, so I expected this labor and birth to be quick and intense.

After a week of feeling "wierd" and like labor was imminent, I started having contractions in the middle of the night before my due date (June 4th). They were about 10-30 minutes apart and I could sleep through some of them. I kept this pattern up the next day and I was about 5 cm with a bulging bag of water. My labor stalled around 3 pm when the kids all came home but started back up a bit stronger in the evening while my husband and I watched a movie. We slept downstairs on the futon couch in the living room so I could be closer to the bathroom. I was really uncomfortable lying down, so I was up and down and around all through the night without the contractions becoming any closer together than about 10 minutes.

At 8:30 the following morning (Tuesday June 5th) I was visited by my acupuncturist to help get my contractions stronger. Some time later, around 11 or so, they seemed to be getting closer together and stronger. I was about 8 cm at that point, still with a bulging bag and I was dying for it to pop! I didn't know what was taking so long, and I was starting to cry pitifully, tried lying down and going to sleep, said I couldn't do it, etc- general transition yuckiness- which lasted a couple of hours. Then FINALLY my bag popped around 1 or 1:30 and then I started having those pushing urges.

I pushed for about 15 minutes. It was hard to get his head down past my pubic bone, and I was frustrated. Then it came and his head started to crown. I was leaning forward on the futon with my hands and my knees were on the floor. I was slipping on the dang painter's plastic and ended up with a very messed up pubic bone because of that!! Anyway, his head was gigantic and took about 4 pushes for it to all come out. Then he just hung out there for a bit since I wasn't having a contraction, making faces. His head didn't turn/restitute, which is interesting. Then I gave it my all to get his shoulders out on my hands and knees. He was born at 2:05 pm into daddy's hands.

The cord was kind of short and he was so hungry, poor guy, but the cord didn't stop pulsing for about 15 minutes so we were a little awkward for a bit... and those afterpains- wow! I took two tylenol. The kids all got there before the cord was cut. He nursed, we had a bath, weighed him (woah! 10, 12- 8 oz more than my biggest!), cleaned up and had dinner.

My husband was so incredibly patient, was right by my side the whole time. It was SUCH a different experience than I ever expected. I suspect his head was cocked with a hand or something and it wasn't putting even pressure on my cervix. But no matter, in the end, here he is!!




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What a beautiful baby! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! Welcome to the world, little Bjorn!
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I loved reading your birth story and he's a cutie! Welcome Bjorn!
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wow!! what a story. congratulations!!! welcome little bjorn!
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OMG, WHat an adorable, chubby baby!!! Enjoy your babymoon!!
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Neat story!! Congratulations! He is a big guy, our bellies look very similar, I am anxious to see what a big baby I produce too!
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What a sweet baby, congrats!
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What a handsome fellow! Congratulations!
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Oh! He's such a beautiful little chubkins!!
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what a gorgeous baby...
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holy cow~ hes huge!!!
congrats and welcome!! thqnk you for sharing pics and your story with us!!
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Add one more to the big baby club! Welcome to the world Bjorn!
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He's gorgeous!! What a great birth story - I love it how you didn't sugar-coat everything
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Wonderful story and great pics!
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He's lovely!!!! Congrats.
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Wow! Great to hear your story and even more exciting that you succeeded in your UC with what sounds like your hardest birth yet. OMG he looks so squishy and cuddley. Can't wait to meet him! I am planning on making my lasagna your family seemed to really enjoy that time we had you over for dinner the first trimester. Take care!
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