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infection on finger at cuticle

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i've had an infection on the end of my finger, right at the cuticle, for two days. yesterday, it just hurt and was a tiny bit red and swollen. today, when i put pressure on the sore, red spot, a little bit of pus came out right at the cuticle.

thursday, i had a little cut on my cuticle and i noticed it stinging when i was changing ds's diaper when a little bit of poop got on it. i immediately washed my hands, but could the poop have caused the infection?!

how can i treat it now that it's at the pus stage? i really don't want to go on antibiotics, but i don't want it to spread.

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Least intervention - soak your finger in HOT water (don't burn it, of course) several times a day.

A little more intervention - OTC antibiotic ointment, a few times a day.

I highly doubt you would need a systemmic antibiotic (e.g., prescription taken orally).
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The best antibiotic for topical application is good ol' honey. If it were me, I'd wash it off real good, then apply some honey and put a bandage on it. Usually those types of owies clean up overnight when I treat it that way.
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I second the honey for dressing the infection. Use raw honey if possible. If it's starting to really hurt and you want the infection to go down faster, I would soak the finger in some hydrogen peroxide. The pus area should fizzle and will hurt a bit when you soak it as the hydrogen peroxide combats the bacteria. Afterwards, dry it and apply the honey and put a bandage over it to keep it clean. Honey is a natural antibiotic and also creates natural hydrogen peroxide.
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