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Exit Poll #2

Poll Results: How did your actual birth compare to your plan?

  • 54% (31)
    I birthed where I expected, and basicly how I expected
  • 28% (16)
    I birthed where I expected, but not how I expected
  • 3% (2)
    I birthed not where I expected, but basicly how I expected
  • 14% (8)
    I birthed not where I expected and not how I expected
57 Total Votes  
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How close to your plan/vision did your birth go?
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I birthed where I expected and didn't have too many expectations of birth ahead of time... no horribly unpleasant suprises though and I'm looking forward to doing it again someday!
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it all happened where & how i expected....
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I hoped to birth at home--didn't dare actually expect to, but I NEVER guessed I would give birth standing up in the birth pool.
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i birthed exactly where i expected, but not how - i didn't get my vbac and i certainly didn't expect to need an emergency c-section.
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it all went as normal as it could have gone. no surprises or change of plans. i birthed how i wanted to and where i wanted to. it was fabulous.
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I birthed where I expected but only how I had hope to and not expected in the least! Fast and furious! My doc said that next time I have to camp out at the hospital...we live 50 minutes away.
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Pretty much according to plan, except the part where I was whining like a baby instead of being this bastion of peaceful focus like I had imagined I would be!

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where and how i expected.
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I birthed where I expected to and pretty much how I thought I would..... I didn't expect to not need any support and be so in my zone but I call that good!!!
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I voted that I birthed where I wanted to, but not how. Actually, my birth went according to my plan intervention wise, etc. But I imagined that I would be up moving around to deal with contractions and all I wanted to do was be on my hands and knees in the shower. I did birth how I wanted to, I just didn't have a clue what that would be like before labor.
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We barely made it for the where, and I never expected to go so fast! I wonder who had the quickest labor as I know lots of us went VERY quickly. Synchro, you should make one more poll!!
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I was planning a homebirth but felt the need to birth in the hospital at the time, and the birth didn't go as planned (I wasn't able to focus the baby was in distress) and baby needed lots of resucitaion after so I'd have to say nothing went as I expected
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it happened pretty much how and where I expected. Though it did happen a lot faster than I expected, which is a very good thing!!
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