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Exit Poll #3-- redo

Poll Results: Where did you birth?

  • 37% (24)
    At home
  • 6% (4)
    In a birth center
  • 56% (36)
    In a hospital
  • 0% (0)
    On Route to somewhere
64 Total Votes  
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Where did you birth?
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fsbc - loved it!
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i birthed at home and would do it again if i were to have more kiddos....but nope!
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hb, our 4th
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Had my precious in a hospital drug and intervention free and how I wanted!!
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wow 18 hospital births?? i'm surprised, i thought it'd be less than that!
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I work with a woman who gave birth in her car on route to the hospital. She delivered the baby herself, in the back seat. On his birth certificate, she's listed as the delivering doctor and the location is listed as the Chevy dealership because that was the nearest building.
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at home, as planned. as long as the baby and i are ok, i'll always birth in my home. there's nothing like climbing into your own bed with your new family within a couple hours of giving birth.my MW even tucked us in! now that's cool!
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At home, in the water, just as planned.
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Home, so so happy that we did. I was told by some ^%^£!!@ consultant in the last few weeks that I would have to be in hospital with IV antibiotics due to my heart murmur, which turned out to be utter out of date crap, but because a consultant had written it on my notes the midwives (National Health Service-they can have a tendency to be pretty subservient to doctors) were reluctant to do it, until I got to see another consultant (higher up-he wore a bowtie!) who agreed that they were completely unnecessary.
Then I went past 42 weeks (only by a day). I was told all along that they wouldn't do homebirth past this, but thanks to the strop that I threw about the abx, and a really supportive hospital MW, the community MWs were told that I still intended to deliver at home, and went along with it. Luckily I got awesome midwives on the night (you have no idea who you will end up with when you ring, and likelihood is you won't have met them before-gah it's silly), who didn't mention any of the issues I'd had, and were very pro HB (you can end up with midwives who are just looking for an excuse to transfer).
I was so lucky to get the birth I wanted, where I wanted, with our healthcare system.
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