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Where do you get your recipes?

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Where do you find healthy recipes for your family? Is there a good online recipe site I could browse? I've looked at the cookbooks - Simply in Season, and More with Less, but have to keep returning them to the library, lol. Are there other ones you like? Or an online resource? I'm looking for basic, family recipes, nothing gourmet or with strange ingredients - we're just looking to cut out high fructose corn syrup and preservatives and junk and just make basic healthy food!
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dh loves http://allrecipes.com

he also uses the food network site a lot
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I like to read, so I'm frequently reading cookbooks and/or magazines, just for fun, not looking for something in particular. I think that reading lots of recipes gives you an idea of what sounds good together, to help you towards cooking without a recipe.

I cook a whole lot out of Southern Living Ultimate Recipes. I find that it has a lot of basic recipes, in a wide range. Everything from blueberry muffins to jalapeno marinated chicken to chocolate pie with meringue. It's not technically a "healthy" cookbook, but it uses mostly fresh, simple ingredients. I also really like Moosewood Simple Suppers. That one is vegetarian. And, I get a lot of simple, weeknight recipes out of the magazine, Everyday Food.
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Originally Posted by hellyaellen View Post
dh loves http://allrecipes.com

he also uses the food network site a lot
I also love allrecipes. I use the ingredient search function a lot. It helps me locate recipes when there are ingredients in the fridge that I need to use up.

I love the More with Less Cookbook. The other cookbook I use a lot for basic recipes is an old (1950s?) edition of the Joy of Cooking.
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The New Best Recipes by the Editors of Cooks Illustrated
Too, anything else in their series...

Rao's...it's an Italian Restaurant, but they have a whole series of cookbooks with REAL italian recipes...and they rock!

The New Vegetarian Kitchen by Peter Burley (or Berley, I never remember...)

Moosewood books...I like the "cooks at home" one, so do the kids!
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My all time favs are by Deborah Madison, "Vegetarian Cooking for Everone..."
and "Local Flavors". They are beautifully organized, full of info, and everything is delicious!!
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Oh, and since you asked for websites, Cooks Illustrated also has a website that has all of their recipes from their magazines. Good resource!
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I like kraftfoods.com for recipe ideas, although I usually substitute healthier ingredients. I love that site because they have pictures of the finished product. I'm a very visual person and like to see what my food's going to look like!

I also have a subscription to Food & Family magazine and get some really interesting recipes from those.
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I use More with Less all the time, it's worth it to have my own copy.
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Cooking Light magazine and cookinglight.com. Everything on the website is member reviewed, which is nice to read before making a dish. Every recipe I've made from there has been a *huge* hit!
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I also love allrecipes
us too.

I also get alot from shape mag. and from LLL cookbooks. I have 2. I also really like my better homes and gardens cookbook.
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Online I like to use the website for the Food Network - I think it's www.foodtv.com - and www.epicurious.com. Cooks Illustrated magazine also has a good online recipe site but I think you have to pay a fee.

Martha Stewart and Real Simple Magazine both have online recipe libraries I have used often as well. All of these sites allow you to store favorite recipes in an online "cookbook" which is nice.
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I like to surf around www.recipezaar.com and they have nifty ingredient/theme searches. Plus the ratings and comments are very helpful.

I regularly peruse the cookbooks that I have at home to get ideas. The Good Housekeeping white book, The Garden of Eating, Veggie Love, Roasting, 500 Low Carb Recipes, 1001 Indian Recipes, Nourishing Traditions.

If I'm looking for something specific, I'll do a google search and look at at least 5-10 different recipes for the same thing and then concoct my own using ingredients/techniques that appeal to me.

I also get great ideas from people on messageboards.
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I also LOVE www.recipezaar.com - That is one AMAZING site! I get all of my recipes from there! I love the rating system and the message boards!
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Another vote for Cook's Illustrated and their book New Best Recipes. The articles are long but either don't read them or I read them once and then notate the recipe in the margins to speed things up in the future. There is a fee for the website but it could be well worth it!

I also use allrecipes regularly and consult Martha's site. Moosewood Cooks at Home gets used pretty regularly here too. I do like that if you're watching Food Network and something looks good, the show that's on is highlighted on the top of the website with the recipes of the day and you can get to them immediately - it is here at least which makes it nice not to have to dig to find something!

I keep a binder with recipes in it from the library, printed from websites, magazines, or friends, each piece slipped into a page protector. It's worked nicely over the years and is easy to cull. Good luck!
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I'm on vegweb.com all the time. Most of the recipes are pretty easy. Try the General Tsai Tofu it's fantastic!
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Thanks for the awesome links. I've been needing new recipes to get out of the cooking rut. . .thus leading to us eating too much take out.
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In addition to the ones above, I sometimes use Taste of Home's website. I steer away from the processed foods recipes and modify ones that look good to meet our needs.
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