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In regards to the argument about preventing cancer, I always tell someone yeah and as soon as my little girl is born we are taking her to the hospital to have her breat removed. Lord knows we don't need her getting breast cancer!
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If my son were a promiscuous adult male in South Africa, I might suggest he get circ'd. But he is a 3 yo in America.

On looking like Daddy:

Umm, do you plan on doing nude Christmas photos or something and want them to match? Do you really think it will look the same?

I also usually start the conversations off with the right tone, like "Since so fewer people are getting their sons circ'd these days..." or "Since most of the old information has been proven wrong..."
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I wanted to add that so many of these are cracking me up. A few laughs on this board is such a good thing on an all too often depressing and angering topic.
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"So, when you and your dad compare penises, is it an emotional thing or a sexual thing or what?"

I like to remind the dad that he's also a son. If he never thinks about his own father's penis, why does he think his son will care about his?
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What about the "to ward off infections later on" I always say, "when I get an infection, I take medicine." Or I say, "gee, I did consider removing ds/dd's appendix at birth too" But I did steal one from someone's siggy--when someone brings up the "look like dad" I say, "oh, the annual father-son penis parade goes by your house too?"
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I'm new to this board, but I thought I'd chime in with my reply to a friend last week when the topic came up about my son (due in August) being intact.

She asked "don't you want him to look like his daddy?"
I said, "what, eight inches long and curved slightly to the left?"

The topic was over!
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I didn't do it directly since the comment wasn't made to me, but my one sister said to my other sister about my nephew, "His penis is fine....just like his daddy."

When my other sister relayed that I said, "She wants him like daddy, huh? Too small and comes too quick?"

I thought, that reason makes no sense when she has made complaints about her own dh. :
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one of my IRL "friends" was going on and ON about how much cleaner it is... so i let her finish 20 min later and then said...
ME: "oh yeah you know that WOMEN actually have it harder to clean down there right? *her eyes were huge*
HER: not uh
ME: think about it...but hey we can get you circ soon so it will be cleaner then you can match your family!
HER: your not going to do it huh?
HER: what if he gets teased during PE?
ME: he'll get over it just like we got over it for being teased about our women bits!
HER: but i never got teased...everyone was always so quick to get dressed we only had 5 min.
ME: no s**t huh?

then it just got quiet and we did the vax battle! which you don't even wanna know about!
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