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miricles in disguise

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Being pregnant for me was not the happiest time for me, I was not exactly depressed but very sad, and felt that I would be a bad mom because if I saw John in them I would be too sad and not be able to give them the affection they needed. Little did I know Johnny and Sara made me happier than I have been in ages, they made me love my life again as a mother and a person. For me this proves babies are truely miricles (I already knew Johnny and Sara were/are miricles but this is a different kind if you know what I mean)

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Congrats on your babes! Isn't it amazing how we connect with them right off the bat? I think they come with our love for them installed, kwim? My little girlie is just 2 wks, and I can't imagine not having her.
Nicole, too =)
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What an awesome revelation you have had. It shows how strong you are that you are able to see that during this time. I have suffered grief in my immediate family although not in the same exact way that you have and I have been witness to many miracles that I believe have been affected by my own loss. Through the good and bad life is wondrous if we let it be.
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You are amazing. You are such a strong woman. Your post made me cry it was so very powerful.

You are right your babies are miracle's. And John is watching you from above and he is very proud of you!

Kiss those babies and keep getting stronger every day.
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