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Thread for mamas who are STILL pregnant!

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Ack! You've all had babies except for me! I'm jealous!

Anybody else sitting around wishing they were done, too?

My DD is either today or Wed, depending on whether you believe the calendar or the u/s. For some reason I thought this baby would be early... wrong!!! I've had some signs and signals (lower back ache, gastrointestinal stuff, and even the odd contraction) but no action.

DH and my mom both swear that yesterday my belly looked "totally different" -- lower and sticking out more. I guess that could be lightening, but this kid was already super wedged (butt first, unfortunately) into my pelvis, so I think that might just be wishful thinking on everybody's part.

Anyway... come on, baby! I'm ready, why aren't you?!
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Yo! I had about two hours of prodromal labour yesterday and we were making sure our cell phones were charged and all, but then the contractions petered out after I had a bath. I'd prefer to wait until next Friday, since we have a meeting Monday night with the post-partum doula and a meeting at Thursday lunch with our cantor, but Bean will have to make that call on her own.

I'm having a cup of RRL tea each evening, among a couple of other...er... induction-likely actvities , and we'll just have to be patient, I guess.
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Well, I am 41wks1d today. I thought I would have had this baby a long time ago. My mom came on the 29th in order to be here for the birth and to take care of dd. She had to leave yesterday So, she didn't get to see the baby. But, dd had a blast having grandma all to herself! I know by Fri I will have a baby as my OB won't let me go past 42. I would argue, but I understand and I am certain about my due date, so I will go along with an induction on Fri if baby hasn't arrived by then. Let's hope baby comes sooner rather than later. Also, the 99 yo grandma of my good friend, who is our labor support person, died yesterday and my friend insists on staying in town and not going to the funeral if I haven't had the baby yet. I really feel bad, but she won't discuss it. So, I really hope the baby comes before then.

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Originally Posted by Therese's Mommy View Post
Well, I am 41wks1d today. I thought I would have had this baby a long time ago. My mom came on the 29th in order to be here for the birth and to take care of dd. She had to leave yesterday So, she didn't get to see the baby. But, dd had a blast having grandma all to herself!
I saw your other thread -- same thing happened to me, my mom just left yesterday. We fortunately have other child care lined up (but half an hour away), but I know mom was hoping to be here for the main event.

One nice thing about having mom here was that she made and froze TWO WEEKS worth of food for us!!! Yeah, mom!!!!
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I'm 39wks 1day, wishing for this babe to come soon (you know, whenever she's ready...but soon!).

I think I'm going to make myself a cup of RRL tea and insist on getting friendly with hubby later on. He's in his glory these days!
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My mom didn't freeze any food for us, but she either cooked or bought every dinner we had while she was here. Also, she took dd to the park and library a couple of days so that dh and I went out to eat Indian food (spicy! I had hoped it would have helped induce labor) by ourselves for the first time in 31 months. She also took care of bathing dd so I didn't have to hang over the tub and kill my back. I am counting on my friends to feed us after the baby comes!
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I'm still pg, and not technically due until Thursday, but since DD1 was 11 days early and DD2 was 21 days early, I feel overdue already. My mom is leaving at exactly 41 weeks and DH's mom who watched DD1 when DD2 was being born is going in for a knee replacement at 41.5 weeks so if this baby doesn't show before then I'm not sure what we'll do for childcare. But that is all over a week away so I'm trying not to focus on it too much and hopefully baby will come out soon.

I've had months of prodromal labor. Contractions that keep me up at night, but do very little to my cervix. I'm tired and ready, but baby doesn't appear to be ready quite yet. Hopefully soon. Other than the pain from carrying around a baby for so long, she's quite easy to take care of this way, so I'm trying to look at the positive. Plus, I still have those first hours and days to look forward to. Such a magical time and gone waaaaay too quickly. Though, I do admit I'm anxious to meet this little one, so whenever she's ready, so am I.
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oh ladies, i'm not even DUE until june 27th. my feet look like clubs and i've had weird menstrual like cramping here and there. the midwife says she's down and engaged, and guestimated her weight at 7.5 lbs on friday. she's going to be a big girl. both midwives keep saying "big" and then switching to "healthy"--i'm getting a little nervous. this is my first. argh!

i'm simultaneously ready for her to come and NOT READY AT ALL. i'm def ready not to be pregnant for much longer. another nice overcast day in nyc today. thank god....those hot sunny days KILL me.

to think that i could easily to into july makes me want to flip out. most of you will be done by then! anyone else due at the end of june? argh!
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youd think id have thrown him up by now....EVERYTHING else has been coming up this week! : :
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I'm am still here, and literally about to jump off a bridge today!! I posted on another thread that I had come to terms with still being pregnant, but I was having a good day yesturday, today i am NOT! This baby has to come REALLY soon or there will be a lot of trouble!!
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My due date was last Friday the 8th... and that day came and went... MW was over today to strip my membrabes and my cervix was still to posterior for her to reach... So I was given the option of using a breastpump or castor oil... I picked the breastpump. I can not even swallow castor oil before vomitting. If this doesn't work then I will do the cohoshes... On Tuesday I am scheduled for a BPP and NST. I am hoping that I will go before then. I am huge and miserable!!!!! UGGHHHH!!!! I am glad though that I am not alone. I just feel a bit bummed because you'd think that this being the 4th baby , he should just fall out of me!!!! I am trying to keep it together and hope it is soon enough that I will and all of us will have a nursing little baby in our arms.
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I'm still preg! I'm not due until the 17, but today I've had tons of contrax, just not firming up into real labor yet. Baby is SO low and I can't wait to hold him in my arms. The last few things I had to do before his arrival have now passed- and my mom has arrived to stay with us for a month, so any day now is good with me.
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I am at 39 Weeks today. I know technically I am not due yet but I am so ready to have this baby. I can barely walk, getting in and out of bed is so painful (and it's been this way since about 16 Weeks - I have Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction), I have not slept well in weeks and weeks, and I am going out of my head with boredom (I cannot focus enough to do anything useful or interesting so I just sit around all day long - since my mobility is so limited).

I have had no signs other than losing my mucus plug over two weeks ago!! I wonder if it has regenerated by now! Sheesh! I was so sure it was getting close then nothing.

I have never felt a BH, although I may be having incomplete ones. I am not sure. Every once and a while my stomach will feel tight and heavy but not all over. So maybe baby is just stretching.

Anyway, I really want this baby to be born. But, of course, only if it is ready.


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Yep, still PG & I thought I would go early especially since Ian has been head down in 1 of the 2 ideal positions for well over a month. The thing is I'll be 39tomorrow & this is my 1st pregnancy, shouldn't he have dropped already? I'm seeing the MW tomorrow & have decided to have an internal. I was going to wait until my due date, but since it's seem like I must be partially dialated (lots of cervical cramping) I want to know where I'm starting out once I actually go into labor.

Hang in there Moms. We're almost there & will be holding our babies any day now. I know it's hard to be patient when you've reached your D Date & are feeling so uncomfortable. Our bodies & our babes know (usually) when the time is right. I'm just trying to have faith that it won't mean 42 wks for me.
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Still preggo here, too, but I'm another one who's due later in the month.

Still, I've had several bouts of ctx that come 5-10 minutes apart for up to an hour, and a part of me keeps thinking, "Oh, are we starting?"

My mom arrived last night, so I am now ready to have this baby!

I'm trying to resist any labor nudges until 40 weeks (aside from EPO, which I started at 38 weeks), but it is awfully tempting.

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I'm afraid I'm hanging in there too! I was due on the 4th, but nothing. This is baby #6 and you would think that he/she would come earlier rather than later... Oh well, baby is following the others (who were ALL 4-14 days late). My 2yo was kissing my belly yesterday and saying "Baby come out!" Too cute! but unfortunately that didn't work. We went for NST today and everything looks good. 2nd NST is planned for Thursday and then a visit to the MW. I think I will have her strip my membranes (if she can) then. Hopefully it won't come to that though.
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im still pregnant...and im 37 weeks. no *STILL* pregnant for me, im supposed to still be pregnant, thanks a lot.
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Just ate a crapload of fresh pineapple and am drinking some RRL tea. My Dh is winking at me...looks like we've got some bases covered for tonight, LOL!
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I'm not due until the end of June/ beginning of July, so I'm not too crazy feeling. The baby is very, very low in my pelvis, and I've been on and off of bedrest due to cramping and bleeding throughout the pregnancy. I've actually had on and off contractions for the last week or so. The MW doesn't think I'll go all the way to forty weeks, but I told her now that she's said that I won't go until 43!! But, it's better than a friend of mine who went to 45!! (her baby was perfectly fine, btw!)
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I'm still here as well. I'm due tomorrow. I had some pretty intense contractions, but they only lasted about an hour. Seems like I may be holding out for Father's Day.
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