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Help for a bad back

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I am 8 weeks preggo with my second. I have a really bad back and have since childhood.

When my daughter was little I bought a ring sling and tried out a few front pack carriers from Target. They all hurt me so bad, I ended up just carrying her all the time and stopped caring that the house was a wreck. But my daughter is going to be a little miffed if I can't play with her because I am always holding the baby so I need some hands free options this time.

The worst pain in my back is up around my shoulders. The only way I can wear a back pack of any kind is if it has a waist strap. But I am starting to get some low back issues too as I get older (yes, I do see a chiropractor and a reflexologist).

Anyway, what are my least painful options?
I'm thinking Moby when the baby is newborn and an Ergo later on? Am I right?
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I think both of those sound like good options for you. The key will be, making sure the fabric is well-spread in the Moby so that baby is high and tight against your body (above your waistline); when you get to the Ergo, making sure that the waist belt sits lower (more down around your hips) and the shoulder straps are snugged firmly enough so that baby can't lean backwards.

You might also consider a mei tai, for the versatility and the ability to get baby high up on your back from almost day one. I find back carrying to be much more comfy for longer term carries than front carries, even in a wrap. You can also get a serious woven wrap and do back carries with a newborn, but my personal preference is for the mei tai as I find it quicker and less cumbersome than a woven wrap.
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