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Nothing at all to worry about, or guilt because it's easy

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So, I tested positive at 10dpo. I wasn't technically late, even. Faint line and whatnot-- and I have no reason to expect that this pregnancy will be anything but sticky. We conceived entirely by accident, it's seriously unplanned. At a whopping "four" weeks, I've already got very reassuring pregnancy symptoms-- nausea, the HORRIBLE migraine, exhaustion, mood swings and whatnot. It's very obvious that my hormones are doing a dance, even people who don't know me terribly well have noticed the shifts in my mood and behavior.

I want to complain. I'm in a bad mood, I've got a headache, my nipples hurt when the baby nurses and I've got nearly 36 weeks more to deal with. On the other hand... what should I complain about? I know I'm pregnant, and I've got no reason whatsoever to believe this pregnancy will be anything but viable, or that it will end in anything other than a baby in my arms next year. This is our *fourth* baby, and we've never had a hard time conceiving. I should be greatful... but all I can think is, "we seriously didn't plan this, and gods, the heartburn is already getting to me and what can i do about the bloody headaches?!" So, here it is. This is a thread for people to complain about their pregnancy miseries even if they have nothing serious to be concerned about. A single thread where we may all whine and moan even if we have never miscarried, or had a very early preemie or whatnot. I don't want to take anything away from those who have, but on the other hand those of us with relatively normal pregnancies and/or easy conception stories can be uncomfortable too.

That's it, because I have to pee. AGAIN. That's twice since i started writing this post!! :
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I'm with you on the frequent peeing and nothing else really wrong, praise the Lord!
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Tishia! So glad to see you here. I've known you were on MDC for awhile, but haven't really talked. I met you at Friends And Families in 2002 or 2003 and went by Single SAHM until weird things happened with my romantic and work situations that made the handle absurd so I changed it to a bunch of different things that didn't work either until I settled for "/\/\ e".

Thanks for starting the thread, Rynna. I'm sure I'll be needing it soon. I've had "Ooops!" babies before but I've always had (fortunately minor) fertility issues which makes it easier to deal with unexpected miracles. My first two pregnancies were positively horrific during the first trimester, though. Phoebe ruined my grade point average because I kept falling asleep in class and Phoenix gave me such horrible morning sickness/anemia/exhaustion that all I could do was sleep and literally crawl up the stairs to the bathroom toi puke. I weighed as much the day before she was born as I did on the day she was conceived because it took the whole 2nd and 3rd trimesters to regain the weight I had lost in the 1st.

This little kiddo is so completely different from any of her siblings that sometimes I have to deliberately make my breasts hurt just to make sure s/he's still there. This is totally inconsistant with what the pregnanccy tests tell me, which is very early and very dark BFPs so I'm ever so slightly worried that it might be twins.
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Hmmm, I don't remember you :

Which forums on FF did we talk in the most?
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I can really relate to the terrible headaches. I had one this weekend that lasted more than 2 days, and still hasn't completely abated. It seems there's not much that can be done. I get migraines even when I'm not pregnant, but there are meds I can take that really make a difference most of the time. Although I'm absolutely delighted to be pregnant (my first, at age 42 - almost 43) I'm just dreading 8 more months of being in bed with horrible headaches. Any suggestions?
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Headaches, tiredness, nausea thats about it. I am waiting for it all to hit me hard one morning.
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When I'm not pregnant or in the early stages of breastfeeding, I can manage my migraines but during pregnancy there's nothing to do but curl up and pray for silence. : Flax seed oil helps-- during the two pregnancies that I supplemented with FSO I had far fewer migraines than during the one where I didn't.

Doesn't do anything for the tension headaches, though. :
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