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At what age is it not OK for a child to be bare bottomed outside?

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My 2.5 yo DS was outside today with nothing on but a t-shirt. The sirt covered half of his butt. I didn't see anything wrong with it but I am used to him running around half dressed.

I started to wonder, at what age is a child too old to be outside in the front without anything on? Is this appropriate? If the little neighbor girl comes over, is that OK? Would her parents be ok with it? Do my neighbors care?

I wouldn't care if any of my neighbors young children weren't dressed but I'm not sure at what age I would care. I don't see anything sexual about it or find it gross or anything but at what age is it not ok? I'm not sure so I was hoping I could get some perspective from my fellow MDCers.

BTW, we came in after the little neighbor girl said "hehe look at his butt" and her older brother said "ewww, I don't want to see that". My ds didn't hear them and it wasn't the only reason we came in since it was almost bedtime but it did play a part in it. I didn't want my ds to think there was anything wrong with him being partly dressed.

As always, I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions!
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My 3 yo still goes bare bum outside sometimes.
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If in the privacy of your fenced in yard, any age.
Out in public? NEVER.
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I think comfort levels are different for everybody, but for me, I became uncomfortable witnessing the discomfort of others (if that makes sense) sometime between 3 and 4. At home, both kids will still run through the house naked and have no modesty about it. They are six and minutes away from turning eight. But it's really just that--running through the house right after dumping all the clothes in the hamper and now on the way to the shower, or from the shower to the room to get dressed. But they pee with the doors open, etc. I guess I'm trying to say that I think they have no shame about their bodies and I'm really glad about that. But we've also stressed with each since about the ages of five years that public nudity is a social taboo in our society and that they are not to answer the front door while naked, doff clothing in the front yard, etc.
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My 3 1/2 yr old still strips naked to get in the hot tub on our back deck. I see nothing wrong with it but DH thinks it's time for him to stop traumatizing our 8 yr old neighbor girl. She will go in side if she see him in the back yard naked. Last summer when he potty trained he spent alot of time bottomless and she would go running inside ever time.

I feel by next year he will have to stay covered
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frankly, i'd be more concerned with any adults who could be sex offenders in the community. seems like you can always find one when you type in your address in your state's sex offender database, who lives not that far away or could be driving by, etc. in the privacy of your own backyard is one thing; out in front of the house, you hate to think it but could be setting up for trouble.
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Personally, never. I've never let my DD show her bare bottom (or even top if I can help it, so far I usually can) in public. Keeping private parts private is very important to us.
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I've only recently stopped being free about DD1 being bare in front of strangers or outside; she's almost 3. She's slimmed down and no longer looks like a toddler anymore, and I feel like it's time. She still goes outside in nothing but a shirt and underpants or a shirt and a diaper, but DH says he's not cool with even that anymore, so fully dressed it is.
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Our general rule is after poty training is complete. that said, when we first started ava peed her pants and we just let her run naked (and since she was in a dress that mean buck naked. (we were at the community garden and had to get sdome work done.) Someone called the cops on us. and they were driving by at least 50 yards from my naked BABY. Police came out. he was so funny. he started out with "I know this is stupid but" . . . . apparently they have to check out every call of this nature and unless i wanted that lady to keep calling and driving by and them having to come talk to me about it (not that they could do anything or force me to do anything since there was laws concerning nakend babies and such) his solution was that her sister give her some ofher clothes so they would both be half dressed and he can say the with confidence the situation is hjandled and the baby is not naked . her sister was 5 years old. So apparently up through 5 or 6 half naked is at the very least perfectly legal.

my point is some people aparently have strong opinions about this. string enough to call the police.
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I think what someone else said makes sense; once they're trained, nakey time should be limited to the house
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Wow, I'm quite surprised. My 4 year old still runs about naked a lot of the time when it's hot outside. I do encourage him to have his clothes on but he prefers not to when he's in our garden. I hadn't really thought about setting limits at all, I would rather he decide for himself when he's rather keep his private parts more private. He's had other kids come round (slightly oder than he is) who've said something to him, but he's paid them no attention. But then we tend to walk around naked a lot in the house, he bathes with me often, etc so just not a concern here. He's not the type to just strip off at random times, this is limited to our garden, or close friends who have kids the same age, or other family.

And I know this is awful and I'm sending mixed messages, but I'll probably be more assertive about this when dd is potty trained because I'm more protective over her with this kind of stuff.
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My personal feeling is that 3 is old enough for private parts to need to be covered while outdoors.
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I have different standards for relatively "private" outside space and public outside space. My dd is 3.5 and tall (looks 4 or 5) and I don't care if she's naked in our backyard or on the patio play space at our friend's condo. (Dd and friend's dd are nekkid twins. )

I do insist on private part coverage in our front yard or around the neighborhood.
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depends on where you are and live. Here in the NW we have a guy that has a website listing all the great places to see little girls. So for us, unless we are in a very private location. I always have clothes on them.
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That's just something I've never started in the first place.

But DS is almost 4 and will be completely dressed when he walks out the door.
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Originally Posted by jeteaa View Post
Here in the NW we have a guy that has a website listing all the great places to see little girls.
: How is that guy not in jail right now?! Sheesh.

I've never been comfortable with it here. I just don't have any remotely private yard space. If I had a little closeknit neighborhood where I knew folks and I didn't think anyone would call the cops, I wouldn't worry.
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Hah! I'm living in Sweden right now, and I think I'm getting weird looks because I have bathing suits on my girls (5 and 3) when they go outside in the sprinkler. At the beach a lot of the under 5s go naked. I don't do this because 1) the amount of sunscreen needing reapplication, and 2) I don't think that guys like jeteaa posted about are limited to the US. I think it depends on your yard and your neighborhood.
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My daughter loves to be naked. Loves it. She is 3.5. We let her be as naked as she wants in the house or in the backyard, which is enclosed by a fence. But not in the front yard or any other public space where strangers might see her.
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Age 5-6, IMO.

Ds went naked through the sprinkler last year (age 5). But he's one of the only boys in the neighborhood and it was making the little girls (age 7-9) uncomfortable, so this year I'm asking him to put on a bathing suit, and he's pretty happy to do so, which suggests he's becoming a bit modest too.

Dd is 3 and still loves to be naked. I don't mind if she is, but dh is getting a bit weirded out by it, so usually we ask her to put something on if she's out in the front yard. Honestly, until she's about 5 or 6, I'm not going to put a lot of effort into it.

If we were in Sweden, they'd go naked until they decided to cover up!
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My dd is 4.5 and goes naked in the back yard. It's moderately private, and she's never left unsupervised. If some perv wants to look, he'll get my garden hoe in the eye. In the house - it's impossible to keep clothes on her, and our family is comfortable with that.

Although my dh says he does not want her naked bum in his face while he's eating (she's a bit wild my dd...)

Front yard is rougher terain - at least panties on; she's starting to become more self concious (through no prompting of my own) I just tell her the panties are to protect her parts from getting scratched or getting road rash (she's not so quick on her feet).
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