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cradle hold

front faceing out -- baby taylor sit (when able to hold head) ( a fav of ours)

hip wearing -- 6 to 8 months on -- they do not have to hold on if you pull sligh up to sholders, of when they can sling can go under arms

cradle hold but sitting up looking around vs laying in the sling to sleep or nurse......

i have seen -- buts can't do -- the sling used to support an older child on the back.......once a child can hold on.....

I am sure there are others

these are the ones we used, or have seen IRL
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Is a ring sling a hands free kinda thing?
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yep (depends on the hold sometimes, i have had to removie him, and re-place himt o get it right i still have to do that at 18 months)

even at 18 months and active i can still go hands free -- though if i HAVE free hand i put it on him

when he was littel -- he would stay in it if i sat down, so i'd sit though church, or type or eat or whatever...................now he will only stay in it if we are up and going, not sitting
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I have owned a LOT of carriers. It's a hobby, not just a practical thing. Hey, at least I'm not collecting Hummel figurines or Barbies... (don't : me if you collect these!) I sell off the ones that I don't like or don't work for me, so I figure I'm performing a public service by letting them out into the world for another mama to try.

I console myself (or is that rationalize like crazy) with the fact that a) even the most expensive carrier is not priced any higher than a mid-range decent stroller, and b) there are people out there who collect strollers like some people collect slings! Now how's THAT for an expensive hobby!

If I had to pare down to what I consider a basic collection, I'd probably want one of each of the major types: pouch, ring sling, soft structured carrier, mei tai, and wrap. Except I'd probably sub-divide wraps further and want one stretchy wrap, one hybrid wrap, and one woven wrap. Even though I'm not a wrap fanatic. :

But if you threatened me with something incredibly painful and made me choose JUST ONE.....well, I think my brain would seize up but it would probably be a mei tai.

On strollers....I think it totally depends on where you live and what you use them for. I found the snap n go carseat holder a complete waste because my kids hated the bucket seat. OTOH, I love love love my walking stroller (a Mountain Buggy Urban Single) because it enabled me to get a lot of aerobic exercise and lose a lot of weight that just wouldn't have been possible babywearing. Yes, babywearing is exercise, but you can't walk really really fast very well while carrying a child IME. I also love my only other stroller, a Maclaren Volo, which is awesome for ease and portability -- I've used it a lot to push my sling collection into NINO meetings, schlep all the gear from the car to the playground/waterpark/pool, put the carseat and carry on luggage in in the airport, and every now and then actually push a child in too. Seriously, I don't use my strollers every day -- far from it -- but when I have used them, they've been awesome.
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over the course of time, having two kids, i've had a *lot* of different carriers. but i tend to get rid of what we're not using/what's not working for us and try something else (or make something else).

things that have always been in my stash are a lightweight cotton batik ring sling that i made myself, and some manner of MT (smaller bodied when they were littler, larger bodied as they got older). i've also had a couple of different stretchy wraps, a couple of gauze wraps and woven wraps (one of each that ended up as ring slings), a couple of pouches, and a couple of SSC's.

they all serve different functions - some are super quick to put on which make them great for running into the store or something, and those are usually also pretty small and pack along nicely in a diaper bag or the the car "just in case." others take a bit longer to put on, but offer more support and are better for wearing the baby for longer periods of time. and a lot of it is personal preference. i never met a woven wrap that i totally loved - they were nice, but i just always grabbed for the MT's and SSC's for some reason. others love their wraps and don't grab for anything else. so to some extent you just have to try different things and see what works best for you. and sometimes that's going to change based on the age/size of your baby and how/when you babywear the most... which you won't know till the baby comes of course.

so i'd say get a few "staples" and then buy, sell, trade till you find what you love
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I have two ring slings, two wraps, and a pouch. I need them all, lol. Only the wraps overlap in usage--but one is a fun print, and the other is classic espresso--so obviously I need them both!

The 2 ring slings are different in fabric and dimension, so they work better for different holds. I use both daily.

BUT--all 5 carriers were homemade. My mom made one ring sling ($10), another was a hand-me-down, but probably also about $10, I made the pouch ($5), and I made both wraps ($15 and $18....but I got 2 of each for that price! I am gifting one of each to a friend). So.....that is less than $60. Not bad!
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Listed in the order of most to least/never used...

I have a Hotsling pouch, an Eden Mei Tai, several homemade wraps, several homemade pouches, numerous ring slings including an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder and homemade ones, a Kelty Kangaroo, & a dusty Baby Bjorn.

I'm currently looking for a great "back carry" carrier.
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I only need my Maya sling and now my new Babyhawk mei tei. I still have one of the Hotslings too but dont use it much.

I have owned (and sold most of):

2 Over the Shoulder Baby Holder (horrible, my intro to babywearing)
An adjustable fleece pouch (great but hot)
a hug-a-bub (way too stretchy)
3 hotslings (I am not good with pouches)
2 maya wrap slings (I loved one and wanted it with a longer tail so got another)
a mei tei baby mei tei (loved it till I got my babyhawk!)
a babyhawk mei tei (AWESOME)
a baby bjorn (eh...its ok)
a snugli (like wrestling an octopus)
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SSC = soft structured carrier (like Ergo, Patapum, bEco, Yamo, etc.)
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Right now I own a hotsling, maya wrap, ergo and 2 GSW wraps. I use them all every day. Just on Fri I used 3 different carriers in one day.
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I have got 2 peanut shells (1 microfleece, 1 cotton); 1 hotslings pool pouch; and 1 babyhawk. I use my cotton peanut shell a lot at home and my hotsling all the time for quickie trips into stores (we live in Las Vegas so I like the coolness and sun protection of the solarveil even when not in water!) I love my babyhawk but I only use it for longer trips when he'll be in the carrier longer.
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How many do you need? Well that depends..... I know mamas who have used just one ring sling for all their children and were happy with that. I know a lot more mamas who used two or three different carriers and were happy with that. I think it all depends on what babywearing is to you. I have a lot of different carriers, ring slings, pouches, MTs, wraps. Some of which are kept around for the sole purpose of loaning out. My favorites are well used and are now awaiting use with this baby
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We have a bunch!
(1) Padded ring sling (SlingEzee or something like that): We have two. Great when he was a newborn for crade hold and snuggling up--cozy and adjustable. Put blankets over during the winter. DH got one too and it was wonderful for their bonding, taking the tiny baby on walks (we had a premie). We still use on occasion--DS on hip or facing out (he's 7 months old now and about 18 lbs)
(2) Lucky Baby pouch (unpadded and not adjustable but reversible and fit to your size): I get a TON of compliments on this everywhere I go. It's very thin and can be rolled up very easily, tossed into a purse or diaper bag, takes up almost no room. The fabrics are really nice and fashionable if you want to wear it while dressed up or to somewhere sort of nice. I find that for wearing for long periods of time, though, it's not always as comfortable as the models that have padding for your shoulder. Then again, it it were more padded, it wouldn't be so compact... Ah, the tradeoffs. I popped DS in this yesterday for a trip to the post office, shopping, etc. Was fine. Oh, and a lifesaver for keeping hands free in between the car and wherever you're going! Mostly wear DS facing out, but occasionally still put him in crade when fussy/tired, etc., and sometimes he'll even fall asleep that way.
(3) Baby Bjorn Active: We inherited the non-active one from someone, and it pulled on our shoulders. The active one has more padding. I know a lot of people don't like this, but we've found it to be useful on occasion. We definitely use it.
(4) Baby Backpack (Kelty): Now that DS is older, active, and wanting to touch everything, this is a LIFESAVER! We wear this on walks, while working in the kitchen (if he's in the sling, he tries to lean forward and grab the knife, etc), gardening, etc. Is much easier on our backs, shoulders, etc, than any of the others. It's become our go-to carrier nowadays, but like I said for short trips where I need to conserve space or it's not sporty, the pouch is best for us.

I've heard great things about the Ergo, but it's a bit out of our price range. Then again, adding up how much we spent on everything else, we could've bought that one easily!

The wonderful world of baby-wearing is vast and fabulous! I'd recommend borrowing, trying out, getting second hand, etc. to see what feels comfortable for you.

I caution one thing though--if you buy new and decide to return something, send it back RIGHT AWAY or very soon. We bought a Hotsling that didn't work for us and because of the hectic nature of having a new baby, forgot to send it back within the 30 day or so return policy, and got stuck with it and ended up selling it on ebay for a loss.

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We do have two strollers in addition to our slings/backpack, etc--one lightweight Maclaren (Triumph) for out-on-the-town, and a Baby Jogger for walking in our old, bumpy sidewalk neighborhood. We've definitely found uses for those (DS will nap in the jogger, and it's good for nice, long neighborhood walks to the store, about 1.5 miles each way--and the basket in the jogger doubles as a grocery holder--handy!), but really not until he was at least 6 months old, and we still use the backpack more than either stroller. The funny thing is, we bring along my lightweight pouch sling (the one you can roll up) just in case DS is "done" being in the stroller--and he always fusses when we first get him in there. Then again, he kind of fusses when we first put him in anything (carseat, sling, packpack... I don't think he likes being confined).

Oh, two more notes (I could go on and on as you can see!). First, when he was a newborn, putting him in the sling meant he was going to go to sleep immediately! I was sort of worried, because I didn't want him to ALWAYS sleep when he was in the sling. I was always afraid it would translate to poor nighttime sleep, but it never did. Second, there were times when I looked at those moms with the travel system strollers--popping baby's carseat right in--longingly, but now that I'm on the other side, I'm glad I carried my baby instead of transferring him from plastic carrier to plastic carrier without having to touch him! And, those travel system things are so bulky and heavy.

Oh, and one more thing, the slings and things are the BEST for traveling. We took several car and plane trips, and I was never sorry that I didn't have a bulky stroller to cart around! Popping baby in a nice soft carrier was the greatest (DH particularly likes the Bjorn and they never made us take baby out--oh, maybe once--at airport security).

Okay, I'm done now! :-)
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I have-

A Toddlerhawk
A Kozy
An Ellaroo Mei Hip
and a Yamo on the way

I previously owned a Baby Bjorn and a New Native Pouch.
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ummm that is 2 way different questions not sure how many you would really need now to the want you will find very fast what works for you and your dc at each age/weight
this is what i have right now
3 structure carriers im sure it is the very first snuggie love it for the first month with my ds when it was cool out but not yet freezing, just a regular simple snuggie, one that has a X cross stype straps carrier
1 h2h sling, 1 padded ring sling, 1 unpadded ring sling long in lengh 8f very handy to have a blanket attached
1- 6m fabric for wraps, 1- 4m for wraps, 2- 2m for wraps and knot slings/pouch, 2 scarfs for knot slings/pouch, and last but not least is a mei tai made last night out of one of my fabrics for a wrap.
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need? probably one. if i had one good, versatile wrap, i'd be set. i own a lot, though. i have a few pouches, a ring sling, several asian-style carriers, a few SSCs and many wraps. i find that i use each in very different scenarios. the only thing i didn't like with my newborn was a podegi. everything else was fair game! i wear a toddler and a 5 month old so i need versatility.
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