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Well, most of you sound near to the end of your rope! Or dangling off the frayed ends! I've enjoyed watching the threads change from the beginning of the DDC, where everyone was thrilled and worried, then sick and worried, then getting bigger and not so worried and now wondering when it will all end!

I'm doing better since my prodromal event. Nothing since then, but I went a little berserk afterward. Now I'm calmer and a bit more resigned to being pregnant for awhile longer. I see my MW today (but she doesn't do internals, so I won't know anything about that), and saw a chiro for the first time yesterday. My pubic symphysis has been acting up over the past week or so, so she helped with that and she also said that the round ligament that I sprained back in February felt like it was knotted up a bit and affecting the position of my uterus. So I go back twice a week until the baby comes and I'm really glad to have gotten things straightened out before the birth. I'm thinking I should call my acupuncturist, too. She said she could tonify me a bit if I was feeling sluggish (IF???) and she would show DH some of the "forbidden" points so that he could help things along at some point (he's a certified vet acupuncturist, so he's familiar with the technique). I really hope it helps - maybe we could do that the next time I have some prodromal labor...?

Thanks for the reminders, Jilian! I had forgotten about cabbage - now that I think about it, there was more engorgement after DD2 and they really helped. It's going on my list! I also agree about the cloth dipes. DD1 was 9#, so she fit into them right away (we used prefolds with snappis for the first few months until they could easily fit into the fitted dipes). DD2, however, was a teeny, tiny 7#2oz and the diapers would totally cover her umbilicus - either that or the covers were rubbing on it. It was red and oozy for a lot longer than Anna's. So I actually had to get disposables in a preemie size so that they wouldn't cover her up. This time I picked out the 7th Generation disposables and they are pretty small - hopefully they will do the trick. I like them a lot more than the conventional 'sposies. Come to think of it, I also didn't want meconium on my CDs either, so the first day or two were throwaway diaper days. And did the AfterEase tincture help? It was pretty intense after DD2 and I didn't know anything about herbs back then. It was almost like being in labor again. Ugh. But I got some this time and am really hoping it helps. What was your experience?

I also found that the sitz baths really helped after DD2. I only had a skid mark (after passing a 9# babe the first time, a 7 pounder was a piece of cake!), but the hemorrhoids were something else. I had to use a ceramic dish in the tub several times a day and it got really old. So when I ordered my birth kit, I added in an actual sitz bath and TWO bags of herbs. Hopefully that will make life easier.

Shaved ice sounds spectacular!!
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My "real" milk came in Monday evening and I looked like Dolly Parton's boobie twin. I'm not as painfully engorged this time though...maybe because dd1 is still nursing? The leaking though...I don't need cabbage leaves, but I've been walking around with prefolds or baby "urp" cloths folded up in the shelf bra of my maternity tops!

Since Rowan is still jaundiced I'm hoping the extra milk will flush things out. And speaking of...GenomicsGirl, how is Carys doing?

Happr birthing vibes all...it's been a bit quiet here but I think another "baby rush" is coming!
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Do you really have to get bigger boobs when the milk comes in? I don't remember if there was any real difference with DD or not. I'm already HUGE. They can't get much bigger. I was a double D before I got pregnant. I don't know what size I am now exactly but if they get any bigger?: Oh well at least DH will be in heaven!
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Things aren't going so well here. We tried an external version yesterday to see if our baby would turn, but it didn't work. She's alternating between footling and complete breech. Still hoping she'll turn on her own, though.... At least her heart rate was strong throughout the procedure.

Good luck to everyone who's on the verge of giving birth--may you all have peaceful, gentle births.
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I thought that since I was nursing all through pregnancy I wouldn't get that "milk coming in" boobie boost. But, ummm, no one told the Boobie Fairy apparently.

I was always a 36 b/c cup, then when I was pregnant with dd1 I grew into a 40 DDD when the milk arrived. That finally settled over two years of nursing into a 36 c/d. But now! At least this time I know it will settle back down a bit.

Did you know there is actually a small market for "lactation porn"? It's not a big market, more of a niche thing, but apparently there are two or three film houses that provide these films...and the women make a higher salary than most adult film actors. (I think I mentioned in some weekly thread or other, but my degree is in anthropology and while I studied mostly the role of women in "fringe" religious movements I also studied women in the adult film industry).

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My doula is seeing another couple in my neighborhood (think they just had their baby). I hope I can catch up with them b/c it's a bit isolated where I am. I really need to make some friends out here.

I'm already wearing a DD. Yikes! Can't imagine what I'll be up to when my milk comes in. I can't even think about engorgement at this point, I need to get thru birth. I'm hoping between my doula & my friend that's a lacation consultant, I'll be covered. I'll keep the cabbage in mind though.

My crotch has been killing me. My MW said it's the pubic muscles getting ready. I'm waiting for the day that my aches & pains go away, but after giving birth I guess I'll have a whole new set of pains.

People keep calling me, luckily only one person asked if I had the baby yet. Not a big deal. It's nice to have people call to "check-in".

When is this boy going to drop????
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So on top of insomnia last night, I woke up early in the morning to wicked "cramps". So I'm lying there wondering if this is it. I got up around 6am, had some breakfast & they seem to have calmed down about bit, although I still have a low grade cramping feeling. I wanted to make sure I was/wasn't in labor before DH got ready & left for work.

Not being in labor isn't a big deal, but thinking I was & then realizing I'm not is kind of annoying. Not to mention that I am super tired. Good thing I have nothing planned for today b/c I can't imagine doing much.

I hope it all means that my cervix is dialating since I was only 1cm dialated on Monday (but 75% effaced).

Off to drink some RRL tea.

The new round of babies is exciting.
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Have been feeling particularly energetic and happy the last few days. Woke with some unexpected nausea yesterday; went to sleep with a bit of a sore throat and a slightly stuffy nose. Went for a walk last night, spent quality time with my husband.

Woke up at 4:45am to pee (like clockwork now), planned to go back to sleep, but started wondering Why are these Braxton-Hicks so strong this morning? Got up twice more to pee, and at 7am had a bit of spotting--have had zero spotting at any other point in the pregnancy! Baby-time!

Ctrx are 30 seconds to one minute long and are about 8 minutes apart, but I've only been timing them for about an hour now.

These early ctrx are much stronger than I remember--already REALLY hard not to tense-up through them! REALLY hard!!

I guess I should call the midwife, since she lives three or so hours away.

Also, is it possible that I am getting a COLD? Maybe I'm allergic to labor?
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happy birthing aramat!
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Sending peaceful birthing vibes aramat.

I'm trying a new approach to this going into labor thing- I am telling myself every day- TODAY is the day I am having my baby. We'll see how it works.

I'm suffering from a earache brought on by allergies- it is so ANNOYING not being able to hear out of my right ear! And I'm ready to hold my sweet baby girl...
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I'll be thinking about you aramat!! Good Luck!!

Ok, so I'm still having cramps for about 8 hrs straight (well on & off)? They don't seem to have any pattern (Of course I just woke up from a long nap). My doula feels like it'll be really be anyday now. The waiting hasn't been bothering me, but now the cramps have me thinking that something is happening so I want something to happen.

I'm going to try to wrap up a few chores & get some more rest today in hopes of having a baby this weekend. 4 days until my due date, maybe I will go early after all even if it's just a day or two.
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Sorry ladies, I dont ereally have time to tell my birth story right now... Internet is down at home and I'm at a friends house right now...

Just wanted to reiterate some encouragment for those who need it!

I was 2cm on Friday before labor started Tuesday night and also had a SUPER short labor! So dont count on cm!

Also... at 10cm dialated and "I HAVE TO PUSH" my babies head was still high up (i think she said -2?? for those of you who know what that means) and she came barreling down the birth canal!!!! THREE pushes later (4 contractions, one was a free-bee where i didn't feel the need to push) she popped out and I was told mid puch to stop pushing for a second! Her head was so round the the first thing the nurse said was "HER HEAD! She looks like a C-Section Babie!" ~ So dont worry if that babie is not already nestled deep down low... it doesn't mean a thing!

Hang in there Mamas... the day I went into labor I was serously wondering if it was possible to be pregnant forever!

OH.... and my labor contractions felt SIGNIFICANTLY different than the prodromol.... they were also shorter, 30-40 sec compared to the prodromol 1 min long ctx.

Wishing smooth births to those who need it...
Happy babymoons to those who are having them...
and and s to us all!
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Aramat easy birthing vibes!!

Wombatclay Rowan is a beauty!

Jilian thanks for all that tips! I finally got hamamelis . so i'm supposed to soak the pads or just pour a little in the middle and freeze them? How many would you recommend?

I havent' posted because I've been awfully sick since saturday afternoon. DP, DS and me, I am the worst with flu and a cough that almost killed me and tore me in half. (end of pity party). I have been doing all kind of natural things to already feel better. I sense little being is waiting for me to be ok, which I really appreciate, but I feel sorry for him, all squeezed in this coughing body. Besides that, as i posted in that other thread, it's nice to me to still being pregnant. I'm almost 40 weeks and in no hurry.
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WhiteWax- Thanks for the encouragement about baby not having dropped yet. My Aunt's 1st baby had a nice round head b/c he came out in only 4 pushes too.

Mab- That's a bummer that you're all sick. Hope you get to recover before baby comes.

I hope I sleep tonight. If I'm going to have cramps, I want them to mean actual labor. I tried to get stock the fridge today & the cleaners are coming tomorrow so everything will be clean & neat.

I've just got a few books by Aviva Jill Romm, one on post-partum care (including herb recipes for pereniums), one on natural childcare & I already had one on vaccinations. I really like her & recommend her books.
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Whitewax - That's exactly what I needed to hear; my babe is still high up and I've been wondering if I'll ever go into labor or have her out!

Aramat - thinking of you and hoping you're holding your baby soon!
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Well no baby yet. DD was born on Dh's birthday so maybe this one is waiting for Father's Day? That's what my mother is hoping for anyways. I'd just like for the false labor to go away if the real labor isn't going to start!
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same old same old. ivee had crazy cramping, back aches and bh cntrx all week and im going nuts! today has been a bit better, though.

we're going to family fun day at my sons preschool this afternoon, so thatll get me moving a bit. im so wiped out...rolling over is a
chore :

trying to come up with something fun for the kids tomorrow...where i can get lots of walking, but not get too over heated like last weekend at the zoo...
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Had a really rough day today; dd and her 4 year old cousin fought all day long, making me really nervous to leave her there while I'm in labor (but really, it's the best place - my mom's house - and every little kid fights over fun things like new swings and toys). I'm just emotional and finding it hard to believe that my EDD is tomorrow and no sign of baby.

Just this blasted heartburn that never goes away!

Tomorrow I get to go to the chiro in the AM (I LOVE going - always feel a ton better afterwards!) and to the zoo in the early afternoon for dd's first visit! She's insanely obsessed with animals and I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees real monkeys and elephants for the first time!

Okay, I think I'm going to ravage DH when he gets home, hehe. Not because it sounds fun, but because it might help this process along. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and that there are a ton of new birth stories by Monday!
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I'm still too tired to really post., but it is driving me crazy that I'm so behind on all the threads here.

I really want to tell my birth story, but I'm not ready to sit at the computer yet. Still, I felt the need to check in with everyone else.

There are so many funny parts, looking back... Someone make sure I remember to tell about the skunk and the nearly-knocked-unconscious midwife from our walk across the street from birth center to hospital at 1 am...

Going back to bed now while the going is good!

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Originally Posted by savvybabygrace View Post

the zoo in the early afternoon for dd's first visit! She's insanely obsessed with animals and I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees real monkeys and elephants for the first time!
my Lexa is obsessed with animals, too. her first trip was hysterial! the great apes put on an amazing 'show' for us and she almost couldnt cope with her excitement.

im waaaay too chipper
for the past 24/36 hours ive been in a great mood and have had energy to spare. SO weird! im not complaining, by any means~ just after the week i had its sooo unexpected! ive been crazy miserable, cranky, exhausted and in pain...but yesterday something lifted! woohoo! im enjoying it while ive got it!
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