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baby boy is here! (name posted)

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Zachary Elan was born on 6/7/07 at 10:35 AM. My water broke that morning at 3:30 and I was in the hospital in lots of pain by 9. Soon after that the doctors declared that a c-section was necessary and off we went to surgery. Sigh.

I feel that I was lied to in that I was told VBACs are done at this hospital, and yet a nurse told my doula that in 9 years working there she's seen like 2. My dreams of a vaginal birth were sabataged. And yet, I am ok. I labored for approximately 5 hours and I felt it, I know it just isn't in the cards for me to have a normal birth. And my baby boy was born completely healthy (with his cord wrapped twice around him) and he is perfect in every way.

Being a new mom for the 2nd time is going much better than it went the first time. I feel much more confident. I am nursing without any trouble. I have barely cried at all. And I actually feel like I'm recovering from surgery - so far. (Last time my recovery was horrific!). I have lots to do around the house and to catch up on, but I wanted to post and let you know the news!
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I'm sorry you didn't get your VBAC Congrats on your new little one!
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Hugs and wishes for fast healing and a joyful babymoon...be gentle with yourself and cuddle up with your little blessing! I'm sorry things didn't go as you'd hoped, but thrilled that you're doing so well!

I can't wait to learn what name you pick!

How is Gabriella doing with the new one? Laia is loving all over Rowan, but I don't know how long that will last!
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I am sorry you didn't get your VBAC . But, congratulations on your baby boy! You'll have to tell us all about the Bris! I'm glad mothering the second time around is easier for you - it gives me hope!
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aw, im sorry you didnt get your vbac! glad everyone is happy and healthy, though!
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Congratulations on your baby boy!
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congratulations mama! s
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Welcome baby boy ... hugs to you, sorry it didn't work out how you had planned but so happy the 2nd time around is going so much smoother!

can't wait to hear the name.
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Sorry you didn't get your VBAC. A healthy baby & a happy Mom are the most important things though.

As far as all those things to do around the house, take it easy & let your body heal!!
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Congratulations on the birth of your precious son! I am so sorry that you didn't get your VBAC, and that you feel lied to. Take it easy, be gentle with yourself, mama, and know that if you start to feel upset about this there are people here to support you! (I'm one of them - feel free to PM anytime!).

Will you share his name with us after Thursday? Congrats again, and happy babymooning!!!
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Congratulations! Take it easy on yourself. Don't worry about the house and other stuff. It can wait. Enjoy your wonderful new baby!
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Welcome baby boy! Let us know once he's named.
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Mazel tov, mama!

Sorry about the vbac, but SO HAPPY you have a healthy little boy, and that your recovery is going better than last time.

If you haven't tried it yet, taking a couple of doses of homeopathic Arnica (I would buy 6C potency) can help with residual bruising from the surgery, and maybe make you even more comfortable. Any Whole Foods or health food store will have it.

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congrats! let the house go and rest up! welcome baby !!!
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Congrats on your precious little one! I am sorry that your birth experience wasn't what you hoped for
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for those of you waiting to hear his name, it is Zachary Elan. thanks for all the congrats!
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congratulations!! welcome little zachary!! i hope your recovery continues to go well!!
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I love the name!

congrats again!
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Lovely name!
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I am a teacher and all my Zacharys have always been sweethearts!!

great choice.

be easy on yourself......

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