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What are you doing to keep your little one cool?

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The heat has finally hit here in NY, and those of you who have followed our hammock posts will know that DD gets heat rash very easily. We live in a 100+ year old Victorian with no central air- we do have a/c in one room, but we can't stay in there all day.

I have been keeping Maggie in a diaper only, and dipping just her feet in the pool (though the ped. said she could go IN), keeping her out of the sun, and also giving her cool sponge baths. She still has spots!

What are you doing to keep your baby from getting too warm?
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Hi MaggiesMom! I was just about to post this same question--I guess we're on the same vibe after the hammock link

Ds seemed very warm on the car-ride home from the ped yesterday, and we realized that the air-conditioning in the car must not reach him. We are planning to get a sunshade for the windshield so that the car doesn't heat up so much in the first place. Also we're thinking about getting a little portable fan, either hand-held or the attachable ones sold by one step ahead.
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One other thought--we also have only one room with A/C, so we do keep a fan going in the nursery to keep the air circulating. we're careful to make sure the baby doesn't feel the moving air directly. The white noise helps ds go to sleep, and the room feels noticeably cooler...
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Wet hat

Hi! I'm new here. We live in Nevada, and it gets hot and dry here. Our biggest problem is the intense sun, but I put a wet wide brimmed cotton hat on Ben when we're out in the sun. I also give him lots of water.
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When I was a kid, we didn't have air conditioning and when it was 110 degrees or so outside, my mum would drape wet towels over an open window - because the air flowing over the wet towel creates evaporation which cools the air. You gotta keep wetting the towel as it dries though. Else put a wet towel in front of a fan for the same effect. And if you don't have any breeze, you need a fan. I do this in the car sometimes too cause my aircon isn't working well.

Also when I have heat rash, just draping a wet washcloth over the area helps. Again the evaporation cools the skin.

I heard somewhere that wet cloths on the pulse points (wrist, forehead...) work best because there is increased blood flow there. Don't know if this is true or not.

BTW this evaporative cooling idea was how the settlers in Australia used to keep food cool. Drape wet fabric around a wire mesh 'cupboard'.
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Thanks for the great ideas!

I first noticed dd was a sweaty baby in the car- it doesn't even have to be that hot. So now I crank the a/c. Never thought about using the sun shades, though. I gave mine to DH as his car doesn't have a/c.

I started putting a wet cloth on her little head yesterday, and kept re-wetting it with cool water from time to time. I never thought of putting a wet towel in front of a window or fan, though. I will have to try that!

Thanks again!!!
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I live in Denver so it can get very hot at times ... I usually put my little Kyra in the tub for her cool bath for at least 10 minutes and let her play with the water to keep herself cool. She loves it when its so hot and shes a very cool baby in the tub haha ...

Sometimes I take her to the pool to swim but she doesnt like it very much due to too many people splashing around!! At nights when its still so warm I usually put cool washcloth on her stomach to help her to sleep a little better and it works great for her! As long as she stays cool, she is a happy baby!

For the car, Kyra tend to sweat buckets so I always bring a bottle of water and a washcloth to keep her cool. You can put the washcloth on the head! Kyra loves playing with the washcloth .. putting it on her head over and over again!
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If it gets really hot you can go to the mall or a movie or the library, just to get in some air conditioning.
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