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Do you want more?

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DH and i had a conversation lately, and we decided on at least 2 more! yay! (and he broke in and said yes on homeschooling....finally! now, i just have to pray for him to say yes to my HB plans!)

come on, i know you guys want MORE kids...come and share your plans or hesitations!
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I want one more. DH is hesitant because of the financial burden but I think I can convince him. We probably won't be thinking about it for about 3 years having hyperemesis with both pregnancies it was much harder with Maya around, I couldn't just tuck myself in bed and vomit all day I had to attend to her needs although I did the bare minimum. This way Carolina will be in a preschool type setting for 2 days when I get pregnant, and Maya will be in school. I think that will make a huge difference in my sanity and guilt feelings as well as hers, we resorted to the TV way too much during that time and I would like to avoid that next time.

I get really teary thinking that this will be our last I know emotionally, mentally I am not done yet.
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I want 2 or 3 more. But it probably wont be for another 3-5 years. My partner says no way. He'll change his mind....
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i had said i was done but i dont think so. dh and i decided to leave it be and whatever happens happens. we wont prevent or try. secretly i want 6kidslol. when i met dh he said 10
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I can't imagine really being done. DH leans on the side of being done. I plan on keeping all my gender neutral clothes, but nothing else. In any case I am getting an IUD and not even considering having it removed until lil Mickey weans. I'm not nursing thu another pregnancy or tandem nursing again if I can help it.
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at least 1 more, if not 2. without a doubt we will do this again
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Well, it wasn't until DD was 3 when I was ready for #2 ... can't see us having another!
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Mais non. We are done, done, done. DH has an appointment to get snipped in mid-July.
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OH my, I don't think I could handle anymore, really! We are DONE! This one is my sweet daughter, we have 3 sons. That's plenty. DH is getting "fixed" as some people put it.
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yeah...we're done, too, and i'm completely content with the decision. dh has a 24 yr old daughter (living on her own), we have our 3 sweet kiddos & an 18 yr old girl is moving in with us this august. we've always wanted to adopt so if we decide we want more activity in the house, we'll adopt an older child. my pregnancy days are over, though. moving on to the next phase in life....
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Oh, I am so conflicted on this issue! I would love to have more, one or two more (for a total of 6 children). I have very easy pregnancies, but my births are SOOO hard. After this last birth, I just don't know if I can do it all again. I am not sure...

On the other hand, neither Dh nor I are comfortable doing anything permanent to prevent another pregnancy at this point. I WILL NOT go on the pill again. So that just leaves us using NFP, which we are comfortable using. We've used it for 10 years successfully, so I am sure we can continue it indefinitely. Still, I am not sure I want a "surprise"...

I think I just need to really think and pray about it for awhile.
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done??? we're just getting started!
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oh man.... we're supposed to be done but i'm not. i always thought i wanted 4, now i think 6. i haven't even brought it up with dh yetl
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i'm only the 2nd "no" ??!!! no! just one is overwhelming enough... as i've said elsewhere, i'm in awe of those of you with more than one, but it's not for me. maybe once she's older i'll miss having a baby and change my mind... mostly, though, we can't financially afford any more, so likely she's it... and that's OK by me. :
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Originally Posted by Synchro246 View Post
In any case I am getting an IUD and not even considering having it removed until lil Mickey weans. I'm not nursing thu another pregnancy or tandem nursing again if I can help it.
I feel you on that one, mama!

DH has his appt for a vasectomy sometime in the next couple of weeks. We're done. I've always only imagined myself with two kids. And he has two others from a previous marriage. So I'm happy that I have my two beautiful girls. Though it's hard to imagine that this is the last time I'll get to enjoy a newborn baby.
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We are done, done and DONE too. I'd love more kids but I CANT do another pg. I've gotten sicker w/ each one and its just not fair to my body and everyone else. I don't want to have hyperemisis yet again. DH is going to get the snip snip when he is deployed this summer.

We did say that if we wanted another child we will adopt.

It is sad that I will never have another newborn but in another way I'm ready for the next chapter.
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I am DONE! But DH doesn't feel done. I can't imagine going through another pregnancy and birth. My birth was perfect but so intense and the thought of doing it again sends shovers down my spine.
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I don't think that I could survive another pregnancy.

And at age 43, I figure that I should be aging out of fertility soon.
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i really don't want to be done. i really want one or two more, but i just had my second c-section (after a failed vbac) and i am afraid to have more. but, i think i will have to go through at least one more because i don't feel done and neither does dh.
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We want 1 or 2 more. But I can't imagine ever feeling done...
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