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Iron ideas...

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I just got a message from my midwife saying that my iron levels are still dropping. I've been taking Floradix for at least a month because they had dropped a little and now I think she wants me to take iron tablets. I really don't want to take them, so much that I probably wouldn't actually take them very often. What are your other ideas for keeping iron levels up?

- This always happens to me at the end of the pregnancy that the iron levels drop but anyway...
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Molasses and Tahini are both rich sources. Iron is also better absorbed with vit C.
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The tablets take at least a few weeks to start absorbing into your system, at least the basic, buy them at the pharmacy kind of tablets do. And they really constipate horribly. I wouldn't suggest them as a way to quickly increase.
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Buy yourself a nice, heavy cast iron skillet and cook everything in there...
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i found a cereal that has i think 90% iron - quaker oatmeal squares or something like that...
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Originally Posted by ChelseaG View Post
Buy yourself a nice, heavy cast iron skillet and cook everything in there...
Except acidic foods, like tomato. I can't remember why though............
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dark leafy greens, kale especially.

and drink a large glass of OJ with it.
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Liver is iron rich.... but can I just say BLECH! I don't think I could do it....
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Cheerios are kinda high in iron. I think 45%dv. Same is Cream of Wheat. I eat 2 packets of the COF a day, so thats 90%. Pretty high, and doesn't clog me up.
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also, from what i have heard its NORMAL for your iron to be lower towards the end of your pregnancy. and to only worry if you are feeling signs of iron deficiency.
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nettles-- a cup of dry nettles in a quart jar and fill with boiling water. cover and steep a minimum of 4 hours to overnight. also a tincture I buy, a blend called deep roots, is a pg iron tonic. it's sold by red moon herbs at www.redmoonherbs.com. (they have the nettles too, if I remember right.)
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Honey binds the iron that you are taking in. I always know when my iron is low I crave and can't get enough honey!
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Thanks a lot. I'm already doing some of that and thought I was eating pretty well but never mind...

You've given me some new ideas anyway so I'll just persevere...
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Honey! That's it! I was wondering why I haven't become anemic this entire pregnancy (even with severe MS and not really eating those first, um... 12 weeks). I was eating raw local honey daily. And still am!

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pumpkin seeds are fairly high in iron.
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Once upon a time you would have been advised to drink a nice glass of stout!
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