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who else is overdue?

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I was due 6/1 or 6/2 depending on how you read my chart and I am still here. I actually prefer the 6/2 due date now as it doesn't make me feel as bad. Physically I feel like I could hang on much longer. I am only 4'11", but I am not terribly uncomfortable. There is an end in sight as the drs will not let me go past Fri. I was at the dr yesterday and they scheduled me for an induction on Fri. I am not at all happy about it, but I understand that I chose a hospital birth and that they have to set limits. They have been great letting me go this far without giving me all the "you are putting your baby's life in danger" stuff. They offered me induction at 40wks with no pressure saying that usually they like to have their 2-vessel patients deliver by then, but when baby and fluid continued to check out great they said there was no reason. At 41 wks induction wasn't even mentioned except to say that I would have to be scheduled by 42wks. So, things could be much much worse for me, especially considering that the OB practice that I fled from in the middle of this pregnancy wanted to switch my due date to 5/24 and said they wouldn't let me go past 41wks :

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Not overdue but sending hugs - that is a long stretch to go over by! I am amazed at how nice the doctors are being with not pushing the induction - I hope your babe shows itself before Friday.

congrats on being so calm and patient!
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Thanks Ann. I am getting bummed as my dear friend and labor support person is hosting a shower for her daughter at her house on Sat. I really don't want her to have to be at the hospital all day with me on Fri, not to mention I really planned on being at the shower and supporting my friend She has been amazing, though, with all she has to do she is still standing by her commitment with me 100%. She also is the model of patience as 7 of her 10 babies were late. Dh has also been a doll. He is just doing everything I could ever ask and not at all being impatient. Even my little 2.5 yo is being wonderfully patient, so I have lots of good examples around me!

So, is that it? Am I the only one? And I am not only overdue, I am super overdue. Well, we are going out for a walk today and hoping that it stimulates at least some contractions. I haven't had any significant ones since Sun night.

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Not overdue, but due today. I'm 4'11" also.
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I'm due today too, and I'm 5'0".

I'm hoping to have this kid out by the weekend... though with my luck it'll be another couple of weeks...
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