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We have a family doctor and he only cares if limbs are falling off or blood is spurting everywhere.
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Originally Posted by grahamsmom98 View Post
The doc thinks it is GREAT that we are homeschooling. . . . The whole office is very supportive of hs AND our non-vaxxing (they don't even do vaccinations in his practice, you have to ask for them and he'll write you an RX to be taken to the hospital, clinic or health department!). . . . He was very supportive of extended breastfeeding (he said, "It makes healthy children and healthy breasts!"), too.
That is so fabulous grahamsmom98! So sad that it is the rarity.

I love my doc too. She is a family practicioner too, and the "backup" physician of record for my midwife (one of the only homebirthing midwives in the area). She doesn't keep any pharmaceutical samples in her office at all because she doesn't want to deal with having to meet rx requirements! She has homeopathic books on her bookshelf. She has a lot of local patients who don't vaccinate and didn't blink an eye about our homeschooling... even knows I don't take my kids to the doc unless they actually need it, no well-child checkups, etc. I love not being questioned and harassed and having to explain myself. She even recommended herbal remedies for my asthma for when it is not accute, to keep on top of it.
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Our old ped was okay with homeschooling, but unschooling was something he just could not understand. He was fond of asking us how school was going even though he knew we didn't do it or go. One of us would usually remind him that we didn't go to school. He'd say "I know, but how are your studies?" Sigh. He once asked Ds how long it had been since he read a book. Ds said he'd been into his video game and he said "Yes well that's not school though is it?" : Very frustating.

It hasn't come up with our new ped, but I do believe it's our charts so I am sure she knows or will know soon.
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I feel very fortunate that we go to a family Dr that is very supportive of homeschooling. He has a lot of homeschoolers as patients, and is hightly recommended in the homeschooling community in Raleigh.

He said he figures homeschoolers are often more open to alternative meds and really researching health issues - and that is an emphasis in his practice.
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*When* my dd was in school and having problems, the first thing they wanted us to do was have her get a physical to rule out the obvious stuff...so I had to pick out a ped. from the phone book basically (not knowing anyone as we were new here) and OH MY...this guy wanted us to medicate her right away and we didn't of course....but months later when she had a wart...she got this jerk again (she got the nicer one the first few times) and Dr. Jerk asked me about the meds and I said we didn't go that route and we're homeschooling now..he lost it! He raised his voice at me saying NOBODY EVER SAID HOMESCHOOLING WAS A GOOD IDEA! And compared ADHD to DIABETES and how I was somehow depriving my DD because of my decisions! He said all this stuff IN FRONT of my dd!! I got her out of there so quick..and yea..I'm still thinking I need to write a letter to the AMA for his SO UNprofessional like behavior.
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Ours is supportive. Glad that they aren't around all the kids in preschool and getting sick all the time. She's also very supportive of selective/no vaxing so we're happy.
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Our peed hasn't said much other than pushing us to go to speech therapy through the school system. Our dentist on the other hand stated that our son would talk more clearly if he went to school. You should have seen the look of shock on her face when he didn't know who Barney was. She even said, "There's nothing wrong with Barney." I jsut said he doesn't watch much tv.

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I'm sorry that your ped's reaction was not what you wanted. That can be really hard. Our ped has been nothing but okay with this. I don't think she ever thought twice about my answer. No questions about dev stuff or anything. It may have been because last year he read all the letters in her office for her.
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I haven't told him yet. I feel completely sure about my choice but I dread telling him....a shortcoming on my part I guess.
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Our pediatrician, who is our family doctor as well, is a Naturopath. We just started going to her as our last one moved out of state. Homeschooling as not come up, but I do not suspect it will be an issue or area of concern for her.
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Why would they ask? Seriously. If you are there for a checkup of any kind, aside from getting a sports physical what would it have to do with the task at hand? Nosnark...genuine interest here.
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Originally Posted by OtherMother'n'Madre View Post
Why would they ask? Seriously. If you are there for a checkup of any kind, aside from getting a sports physical what would it have to do with the task at hand? Nosnark...genuine interest here.
Mine always end up trying to chat and make small talk, including "And when does Riley start preschool? So are you glad to be out of school for the summer Landen?" Then we tell them. I was so naive at first, thinking that we would receive a good reaction, "Hey that's great! Good for you!" But now I expect the eyebrow raise, the discreet note jotted down in the folder. Along with other notes I am sure. I got so irritated when this new young doc asked about Riley's sleeping habits, and I said she still comes in to sleep with us at some point in the night. And he turned to Riley and said, "Well we need to stop doing that, don't we!" Oh no we don't!
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The Osteopath I take my son to homeschools, as does my Chiropractor. The boys haven't even seen their "regular" pediatricion. He's just for emergancies, and I plan on a don't ask/don't tell policy.

BTW, even though the osteopath homeschools -- he asks my son about what he likes to study and what we are doing in school -- I guess they are more school-at-home types.
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she doesn't say much about it, but i get a very positive vibe from her.

i've also seen something in her waiting room that is arguably critical of traditional school.
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oh, now that i think of it, the way it came up for us, was when the whole damily went to the baby's 1 week check-up. dd1 was barely 5, and writing letters on paper. the ped actually asked us if she's homeschooling.
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We have a family dr (nurse practitioner to be exact, but she is called "Dr"). She thought it was great we were homeschooling and does ask how it's going (more out of moral support and knowing that it isn't always easy). She also is fine with our non-vax status (said it would only be a concern if they had to go to ps...but oh well). Homebirthing is common around here, so she doesn't blink at that...and she thought our fitted and pocket diapers were awesome!
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When I was inquiring about a developmental pedi beause of what I suspected was ADHD with dd1 (it's not, we were just having a challenging week behavior-wise)...she said, "why don't you just send her to school, so you can have a break?" She said that sometimes moms try to do too much and be matyrs...:

I think I'll just weear homeschooling advocacy t-shirts every time we have to go there from now on.
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Our ped knows we hs and hasn't said much at all about it. He asks some developmental questions but doesn't dig into how we school or why.
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Our family practitioner homeschooled her kids! (Well, her husband worked from home and did it. I'm not sure if they still are, or not)
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PLease...our family doc and two other peds that we used, only went off of the denver developmental check list and when i mentioned things that were not on it, they had no idea what to say. Sorry, but I have a much better understanding of development than any of the 3 docs we have seen. I expect my doc to do the check ears, nose throat type stuff and not much else.

But then again, I am pretty cynical.
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