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What does your child's pedi think about you homeschooling? - Page 3

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highly recommends it! :
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Wow, thanks for all of your responses!! It seems like most docs are perfectly fine with it, hopefully mine will be too!
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Our ped never has commented one way or another about homeschooling. My oldest (age 8) always accompanies me when the youngest (a toddler) has an appointment. Really the only thing our ped has said is to ask ds1 what he's reading because he always has such interesting sounding books.
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Hmmm, well ours thought it was the best option for school! HOw's that? She's also the only ped in the p ractice of three that believes in giving parents the choice on vaxing!
We love her !
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Funny this thread should get bumped right now. One of my kids has been seeing some specialists for a metabolic disorder. One of them, a neurologist, is obsessed about the homeschooling. Every meeting with us she asks with this very annoying incredulity, "Is he still homeschooled?" The neuro. asked me to ask the developmental ped. (who coordinates the specialists and treats him for the disorder) if she thought we should do a psycho-social evaluation. My son had been very sick and is not "at grade level" so she freaked me out for a while - like maybe there really was something wrong with him developmentally on top of the metabolic stuff. My developmental ped (super high ranking specialist) smiled and, in a way that made clear she thought the neuro. was an idiot, said she saw no indication that was necessary. Well, the neuro. was very surprised the ped didn't order the testing. Now the neuro. mentions that the testing was nixed by the other doc and that my son is homeschooled in every single visit report even though both are entirely irrelevant to her treatment of him (for migraines). Just this week I decided to dump her. Her constant focus on and obvious disapproval of homeschooling both pisses me off and makes me fearful she might report us.

This intrusive medical model stuff is why I stopped using pediatricians as primary care providers long ago. Not that I would have a choice as not a single ped in my area will take non-vaxed kids. I use a family practitioner who I very rarely see because despite his saying that vaxing is none of his business (which is why I hired him), he is still very condescending toward me (though not toward my husband) when I insist on being actively involved in treatment decisions. So if my kids are seriously ill or injured, we go to the E.R. If they need a specialist, we find a specialist. If they have something I think needs antibiotics (which is maybe once every year or so), I bite the bullet and see the family doc.
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I would just cheerfully respond. "Oh, we aren't here for parenting advice. Thank you."

Oh, and a family practice physician seems to trust that the parent is the expert of their own child, more than any pediatrician that I have met. And I have met and interviewed many.

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I think our ped is jealous of our homeschooling and would like to join our family.

He is a strong advocate of going tv-free and was floored when I said we didn't have a tv. We talked about nutrition and again was shocked to find out that we don't drink soda (my kids just don't like it) and eat most of our meals at home. My dd actually said "broccoli!" when he asked her what her favorite food is.

I think he may ask me for my hand in marriage next time we see him.
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Our ped hasn't commented either way. She does think my kids are incredibly advanced, though, since at her 3 year checkup, she asked Rebecca to draw a circle, and she drew a smiley face instead. She said "wow, usually only 4 year olds can do that!" So in general, she seems pretty clueless about children and their "timetables", LOL. (Honestly, we chose her because she's also laid back about vaccines, and several ped's in the area have refused to take non-vaxing patients.)

My chiropractor, who does not vaccinate and whose wife breastfed each of their children for several years (and so who is very supportive of those things), said "hmmm... you know, they do have to be exposed to other people at some point." He said this as they were sitting on the floor playing quietly together, after chitchatting with them for a minute, and after they'd already talked to his assistant. Hrmmm....
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Our doc

We see a holistic family doc. He homeschooled his four kids for a long time, so he is totally down with our decision. He is an awesome doc. He recommended a book to my dh called "How to Stay Healthy - Avoid Your Doctor." How many mds would do that?!

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Ours said she would do it with her DC if she wasn't a full time doctor! Her kids are in a private school, the last I knew.

I also go to two different holistic docs myself...one of them is a HS dad, the other is planning to put his son in private school (he's only 3 right now), but his wife said she wished that *I* could homeschool him for them.
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I'm curious what business is it of theirs if you are homeschooling or not?
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they're more concerned with my vaxing choice -- so homeschooling never gets much discussion there.
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