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This has to be said. A Vent. A Rant. UPDATE from the pedi post #11 - Page 2

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I'm sorry
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You are such a strong woman and an amazing mama for telling your story. I'm so sorry your little sweetie is hurting, but you are doing a great job of not only helping him to heal physically, but protecting him from his grandmother's craziness at this stressful time. Good job, mama!
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Oh man, poor kid! And poor mama! Don't beat yourself up love, we all make mistakes. *hugs*

My oldest is circumsized. I didn't know any better either. His younger brothers are both intact because I was much better informed by then. My oldest had a mild issue once, but it was not bad, we were lucky.

Everyone here understands, we all do what we think is best based on the info we have at the time.

Be good to you, Mama.

I hope your little sweetie heals up really quickly.
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Originally Posted by CalenandEllasmomma View Post

Why was I ashamed you ask? I was/am ashamed because my Poor Sweet baby boy is circumcised. You can find me in the regrets sticky above. Here is the link to our story.

I was truly ignorant. I researched everything about prenatal nutrition and birth to death. The one thing I never looked up or even really thought about was circumcision. The only frame of reference I had in mind when I consented to the surgery was that my brother had been circumcised at age 2 for phimosis (A surgery I now believe was completely unnescessary).
Right there with you, mama. I am so sorry your little guy is going through such pain. What a terrible feeling you must have. Stay strong! major hugs your way!
Your MIL needs a swift kick!
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OH, I am so sorry you have had to deal with this. I thank God that my first was a girl so I knew better. My saga is chronicled here as well, and it was not an easy one... but well worth it. That is so OT though... sorry.
You are strong to post this, and as others have said should not feel guilty when you didn't know any better. We all have regrets and things we would change. I hope he heals really soon and doesn't have any more scarring. s
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Circ aside, how can any grandmother say that their grandson's penis (or any other part of them) never looked right??? What a mean thing to say about a little boy! (((hugs)))

Don't beat yourself up mama, lots of us didn't think a thing about circ till we came here, just lucky for us it was before the babies were born, that doesn't make anyone a better mother.
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I am so very sorry for your son's pain... and yours, too.

Something has GOT to change here. The AAP needs to acknowledge the dangers of circumcision so this madness stops NOW.
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to you and your son, mama.

When you feel up to it, you should write to the (UA violation) doctor who talked you into circ and let them know that you feel that they totally misled you about the harms of circumcision -- which have now happened to your son not only in the adhesions but also in the ulceration. :

Actually, it may not be too late to sue him/her. This sounds like exactly the right kind of case where you were not informed -- and your son has suffered. If nothing else, I would take pictures of what's going on and get all the records together so that your son can sue his circumciser when he turns 18 and have the documentation to back him up.
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Thank you for sharing your story, and hoping your little boy feels much better soon. I know how hard it is to feel so bad about a choice made in the past. I never imagined that a medical doctor would tell me it was o.k. to do something so damaging and horrific to my children. Your posts have helped me in my healing process, and bring me renewed strength to keep talking about the fact that circumcision is WRONG.
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Originally Posted by Quirky View Post
Actually, it may not be too late to sue him/her. This sounds like exactly the right kind of case where you were not informed -- and your son has suffered...
Exactly! Plus he lied her about using ledocoin! Please please please sue thie UA violation doctor : . Only when it hits his pocket he may consider stopping doing that!
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I'm so sorry about the pain you and your little guy are going through.
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In the words of Maya Angelou, "When you know better, you do better."

It may help you to know that Marilyn Milos, who founded www.nocirc.org, circumcised her own sons. It was only later in life that she learned the truth about circ. She now has intact grandsons! You CAN make a difference. And make sure to post in the "Circumcised and Regret It" thread (a sticky at the top of CAC.)

You are the EXACT type of mama we are fighting for--one who would have made a difference choice had she only been informed. Join us in our fight here.

Also, I agree with Quirky that you should look into the possibility of suing the doctor who circ'd your son, or at least helping your son get his ducks in a row so he can sue at age 18. I'd contact Attorneys for the Rights of the Child. http://www.arclaw.org/
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I'm sorry mama. I hope your son heals quickly and that you do as well. What a tough position to be in.
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i'm sorry, and will be praying for his healing. thank you for your courage.
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I'm so sorry.

As far as your MIL : it's quite the opposite; the more skin is removed the more likely this is to happen or the more severe it is likely to be.

If you don't have it in you to bring a lawsuit, at least document and save everything so that your son can do it if he chooses.
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Thank you for sharing your story. I hope your ds recovers quickly and doesn't require any further medical procedures to fix the problem You didn't know any better and you truly thought that you were doing the best for your ds. Please don't beat yourself up about it! I would have serious issues with your MIL after that conversation in your OP too.

Keep us updated... best wishes! I have so much respect for those of you who circumcised your first son(s) and then left others intact and/or went on to educate other mamas : You are an inspiration to me - it's such a hard thing to admit that you made a mistake about

love and peace.
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I hope your son recovers quickly... Thanks for sharing your story with us. I am from Australia and it's not done at all any more, most hospitals refuse to do it, if some religions chose to have it done, mostly middle eastern families, it is done from at the earliest age of 6 months, and they are put to sleep when it is done, as a side effect from this, when the babies reach six months, most parents have "forgotten" about it and never get it done. It is so hard for anyone to find a Dr to do it, I would say 99% of baby boys are now not circumsized. I have two boys and never ever was it mentioned, except when DH asked out of curiosity and they told him its not done any more.
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to you and your sweet boy. I hope he is feeling better and healing.
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