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Today is my due date

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and I have a virus. I've been ordered to go back to bed. : I need to be well to give birth.
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Sorry mama. I hope you get to feeling better before you go into labor. Get some rest and take care of yourself.
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ohhhhh....sending healing vibes and stay in baby thoughts...

Hang in there, rest rest rest, and don't worry...even if the babe can't wait another day, you'll be FINE!!!!!!!!!

hugs and quick health...
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Today is my due date and I have SUCH a nasty cold. Boogers, snot, coughing, muscle fatigue. Wouldn't it just figure if I went into labor tonight?!? Plus, I can't really sleep either...so, that doesn't help.

Healing vibes to you....and to me!
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Sending both you sickies healthy vibes!!!

DS has a sniffle right now, and I'm sure hoping that I avoid this virus. He isn't in too bad of shape, but I don't want the stress of worrying about labor while sick. I really feel for you guys.

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Get well soon mamas!
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Sending get well soon vibes to you guys!
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