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i had my IUD baby!

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lol...so my rollercoaster pregnancy is finally over! the iud didnt cause any problems during the birth either.

freya green adkisson was born on june 9th with lots of black hair. we ended up at the hospital, but she and i are both doing fine. she was induced due to very low fluid.
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CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sure she's beautiful
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Originally Posted by inkedmamajama View Post
lol...so my rollercoaster pregnancy is finally over! the iud didnt cause any problems during the birth either.

freya green adkisson was born on june 9th with lots of black hair. we ended up at the hospital, but she and i are both doing fine. she was induced due to very low fluid.

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congrats! i really LOVE her name- freya is one of my faves but we already have a fiona and i thought that might be too much. happy new baby time!
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Congratulations on the arrival of your pecious little girl!
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congrats and welcome!
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congratulations!!!! so glad it all went well. enjoy your new bundle.
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Bright blessings to you!!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon.
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I'm so glad there weren't complications! Huzzah and congrats and enjoy your wonderful babe!
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Congratulations mama!!!
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Congrats mama! Enjoy your babymoon.
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Congratulations! Enjoy your little one!
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Congrats! Glad everything was fairly uneventful (with the iud and all...)!
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so i had prodromal labor for close to two weeks. i would have contractions that lasted 60 seconds, and were 3-5 minutes apart for four to five hour stretches. my cervix would dilate and thin during these times, but then i would stop.

on thursday the 7th i noticed that baby wasnt moving. i did kick counts and she never moved. i waited 4 hours and she still never moved once, so i called the high risk clinic overnight line and they said to come right in to the hospital to be checked out. i got to the hospital around 6am or so friday morning. went to the l & d triage floor and they said that the baby had very low fluid and as i hadnt broken my water yet, that was a warning sign of possible problems or distress, and that i was to be induced right away. i was supposed to start the pitocin at 830 am, but they ended up waiting until 4pm. the entire time i was hooked up to the external monitors. it wasnt until close to 11pm that i started to really feel contractions, and even then they were infrequent and varied from menstrual type cramps to painful braxton hicks type contractions. despite being on pitocin for quite a while i was still only 3 and half centimeters. around 330 am the doctor and i decided that i would have her break my water, and they would place an internal monitor, that way i could sit on the birthing ball and do some squatting to encourage baby to move down and my cervix to progress more. ( i was unable to do this with the external monitor because it kept slipping or losing the baby's position, and they would make me lay in bed till they could get a good read on her again. because i was on pitocin, they wanted to make sure she was tolerating it well)
when they broke my water, i started having major contractions. i got on the birth ball, and i would swirl my hips through the contractions. with in a few contractions, they got super intense, as intense as when i was 8-10 centimeters with my previous natural labors, but i was still only 3 and half centimeters. i did my swirling, and my tonal moning through each contraction, which lasted a minute each and i was only getting a minute to 90 seconds off between each contraction. it was super intense and my doula was great-she was putting counter pressure on my sacrum, and poor nick had basically checked out at that point, he was so overwhelmed and also pretty tired as we had been up forever. i finally asked for the nurse to come in, and that i wanted to get the epidural. i had been going along at that speed for an hour and half, and i was so worn out and with things still not as far along as id like, i needed the break. they were surprisingly fast with the process, the doctor got there with the epidural within 10 minutes. getting the epidural placed was unpleasant...but once it was in the proper place, i was overcome with relief. i started to feel a contraction come on and then poof it went away. the relief was so overwhelming that it made me burst into tears. i was somewhat disappointed at the time that my natural home birth was light years away from where i was now-induced with pit, arom, and now an epidural...but the relief was so major and i had been so worn out that i didnt feel that badly. having already gone through two completely natural births i knew what my body could do and what i could take and i knew i had reached my breaking point. i needed the epi, and i was ok with that pretty quickly.
the epidural took away my hip and pelvis pain as well, and that was so great. i was able to relax, and we shut off all the lights and we all napped, though for me i really didnt sleep, my mind just wandered for two hours. i was given an oxygen mask since baby was having decels with the contractions, and at about 7am i told the nurse i was starting to feel pressure. the doctor came in around 720 or so to check me, and her eyes widened and she said-ITS TIME! she was shocked that i went from 3and half to 10 cms in two hours. i had nick hurry and call the girls at our friends house so she could hurry them to make it to see the birth. the doctor called my ob, and everyone was rushing to make it to the hospital in time. at about 745 the girls got there, and then the doctor. because i couldnt feel my legs, they were up on stirrups, and my doctor said she could see baby moving down with each contraction. she had me do a practice push, and then one more push and she was born! she basically pushed her own way out, just like in my previous births. she came out crying, and looked great so the doc laid her right on my belly. she also waited to clamp the cord for over 2 minutes which was so important to me. the placenta was next, and i never pushed or anything, it came out very easily. then the doc had to reach up inside to my uterus to feel around for the IUD, and she found it easily, and i was really glad i had an epidural at that point, as im sure that would have felt horrible drug free. i had no tears, needed no stitches of any kind, and everything was really perfect. baby had apgars of 9 and 9, and nick got to cut the cord. she was born at 755am and weighed 7lbs even. she had a full head of black hair, and we joked that she smelled like a fresh chicken or liver from the butchers, lol.

i really am at peace with my birth...i wanted a home birth and tried hard for it...but it wasnt meant to be and i had the best possible hospital experience i think i could have had. my doula was priceless for that and having her meant all the difference in the world. im also so glad my girls got to watch their baby sister being born. they werent scared or grossed out or anything-they were so excited and happy and it really made it a very special family moment for all of us.
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wow...what an amazing birth! I'm glad you had the support you needed and a beautiful birth despite all the challenges!

enjoy your babymoon and little one.
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So happy to hear all is well with your baby!Congratulations!!
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Congratulations! I love the name Freya.
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