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She DOESN'T want out...

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Well last night i was 100% sure i'd be holding my dd today, having contractions all day, progresively closer, longer stronger to about 2 min apart and about 1 min long.. dilated to about 5-6cm(my check)
Decided to get some rest while i still could... when i woke up my lil girl had turned breech ... contractions stopped a few hours later.. which of course is better than continuing and being forced to a c-section before i got amunition

Now i'll be trying to turn her until monday, then doc will try with ECV. chiro said to try a lil on my own then he can try and he can try after doc if unsuccessful or to be sure baby stays.

I"m just hoping now to STAY preg till i get her turned.... amazing how fast the view can change..lol.

oh, pointers, hints, etc would be great... also encouraging words from those who have had vaginal breech babies or have succesfully turned baby in the last couple weeks would be great too.

C-section just isnt doable for me.. this makes 6 kids at home, including 18mo nursing about 12 or more times a day.. plus we are camping for the summer while getting our land ready to move by fall .. no water, power etc.. aahhhhh... add a c-section?? noway!: .. i hope :
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I hope you can get the baby to turn before labor starts back up. I don't have any advice on turning the baby but I've read about a website that has info on baby's position I think it was ... www.spinningbabies.com? I'm not sure if thats right or not. Maybe it will have some ideas. Let's hope you can get her to turn!
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Good luck and heads down vibes to you, scrappingmom. I don't have any good advice to offer, just lots of sympathy. We tried ECV yesterday and it didn't work, but this is my first and I guess the success rate is lower with first babies. Here's hoping it works for you. Like you, I'm also hoping to stay pregnant until she turns.
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oh no! that sucks! gotta get her heads down! after weeks of freaking out, mines finally upside down, well, ill let you know if he still is tomorrow!

anyhow, i credit a couple of things for helping him along...
1. although i dont think it was my chiros magical webster technique that did it, i think that she laid the groundwork and helped to prep me, KWIM?
2. PULSATILLA!! 5 pellets 3x a day for 3 days...if it doesnt work, repeat. during those 3 days i also went swimming and sat on my birthing ball alot and took it easy, he was CRAZY i really think all those things helped him out, but pulsatilla being the main ingrediant!

good luck!! keep us updated!!
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thanks all.. i've been in so much pain the last 2 days.. she was butt and feet inside my pelvic area pushing for all she was worth...ouch!!!!
Anyway, I THINK she may have turned today cause it feels back to normal, but i'm only getting little movements so i cant tell 100% hopefully i get good kicks soon.. otherwise i'll know monday i guess.

Charity, sorry ECV didnt work for you... maybe with the idea the baby will flip on its own at the last minute, i understand that happens sometimes.
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I hope he has turned back around for you. The lack of movement could just be from him being down low though. My baby has been head down for awhile and I don't feel him move that much anymore. I have to do daily fetal kick counts to check on him. He's still moving a good bit but not as often or strong as he was. So maybe that's a good sign for you.
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oh no, i hope baby turns. mine turned posterior on my due date, and i'm so anxious for her to turn back around so we can get this show on the road!!! i'll be thinking of you and hoping your baby goes head down again!
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oh, i really hope she turned for ya! make sure to let us know on monday!!
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thinking of you today. give us an update when you can. i hope your baby turned and that you are holding her in your arms soon!!
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sorry i couldnt find the foolish thread when i came back.. now i find it looking for another one...lol

baby did turn... and i'm STILL preg.. going for induction tonight... better than c-section though i can deal with being induced!
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