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??? about internals @ the hospital

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I've called and my MW wont be on for her practice again till Sat (dont' understand how that works but whatever) I'm schedualed for induction on sat but I don't want to wait. Soooo the two OB's are ok and if one of them can get this baby out sooner I'm ok with that and I'm not worried about not getting the birth I want from them however they're both men and I don't want them checking me so how do I refuse/decline? I can't be the only woman that dosen't want some old man prodding her every hour
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You should just be able to tell them. I'm sure they can have the nurses check you. When I had DD the nurses were the ones watching my progress and checking me. The doc only came in to catch the baby pretty much and almost missed that! I'd just tell them. It shouldn't be a problem.
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Usually the OB arrives once you're ready to push. Before that you are checked by the nurses. Of course, you can always refuse an internal exam, or ask that you only be checked when you feel "pushy".

With an induction they might need to check more often at the beginning to see if things are "working", but even then...it's going to be the nurses doing it.

Happy birthing! I hope everything goes smoothly!
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I was induced on June 1st, and I was only checked a few times during my 7 hour labor...and all of those times were by female nurses. And they only checked me when I was admitted, when I insisted on being checked (because the anestheiologist was a little happy and jumping the gun and I didn't want an epidural to slow things down) and when I asked to be checked again because I felt like the baby was descending.

Usually, the ob checks in once at the beginning, and pops in later to deliver the baby...so, I doubt he'll be doing too much prodding.

Good luck with your delivery!!! Hope it goes well and to your satisfaction.
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Thanks for the well wishes. I asked for them to schedual the induction then I started getting nervous about the whole process so I finally took the castor oil about half an hour ago to see if I can get things going on my own. They said they'd prob just break my water sat (since I dont' want an iv etc) but then I know I'll be on the clock and our first anniversary is Sun so I would like to be home for it. I'm off for my hot bath.
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I hope you have a smooth birth!

If you hope to be home on Sunday though, you may want to re-schedule the induction for Monday...especially if there isn't a specific medical reason for doing it Saturday.

Ask them what your Bishop's score is (if they haven't checked already)...if you have a poor bishop score then an induction can lead to a very long birth process...meaning your babe probably wouldn't arrive until Sunday, and probably wouldn't be discharged until Monday. And you mention having AROM to start the process and "being on a clock" after that...many hospitals do have a "clock" and if you do "time out" into a cesarean you will certainly be in the hospital on Sunday!

Obviously you know what's going to work best for you and your family and as a doula I've seen inductions that go smooth as silk...but most of the inductions I've seen have been looooong births (especially if they start with a poor bishop score) and mama is rarely ready/able to jump up right after the birth! So if you have plans for Sunday it might be worth putting off the induction a day or two.

happy birthing and anniversary!
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not sure about my bishop score I know she kept saying that I'm "favorable" for an induction. If I can avoid to much intervention and trouble she's agreed to have me out of there in 8hrs after baby comes. Lets just say I'm a "difficult" patient on a good day.
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sounds good! I just don't want them to "mess up" both of your special days in one fell swoop!
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lol Yes me either. Castor oil is starting to work.
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