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I've sprung a leak

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Hey ladies--

Interestingly, on DH's birthday, and while I was napping with DS this afternoon, I seem to have sprung a leak.

I'm on my way to the birth center to have them check that it is amniotic fluid and monitor the baby's condition, then, if history repeats itself, probably have a baby...


My water broke a few hours before my ctx started with DS, so I'm wondering if this will be the same.

I now wish I'd spent the $10 to buy a packet of those incontinence panties like someone else suggested!

Prayers, happy thoughts, etc. are welcome.

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Oh how exciting!!! I'll be thinking of you and sending happy birthing vibes your way
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how exciting!!! can't wait to "meet" your little one and hear all about the birth.
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How exciting willo I hope this is it and you have a easy birth
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Oh yeah. I'm so excited. My DD was born on her daddy's birthday too! Let us know what happens. I hope all goes well.
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yoicks! I'm so excited for you willo!

May you have a wonderful, peaceful, joyful birthing...I can't wait to hear the story and "meet" your little one!
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thinking of you and sending lots of beautiful birthing wishes your way...
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im guessing youre in pretty good labor by now!! AHHH im so jealous!!!!
good luck! cant wait to hear about it!
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Congratulations and good luck! Can't wait to hear the story.
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Good luck! Sending prayers your way!
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Wow! Good luck! I'll be thinking of you.

I've been having wicked "cramps" all morning. I wish I knew if this was labor or just practice.
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good luck hope all goes well and Awallrising i hope the cramps get going into a beautiful birthing day for you
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The baby is here

Hi everyone. This is willo's husband and I've never been on this forum so please pardon if there are conventions I'm not following here. willo wanted me to let everyone know that last night, a short time after she sprung her leak, she had the baby. It's a boy, and she did an amazing job (I'm sure she'll fill in details of the process later).
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Congrats Willo and family...

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Congrats Willo and family- another baby boy! Can't wait to hear the details of his birth! Hope nursing is going well!
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congrats willo! I can't wait for the story...enjoy your blessing!
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yay willo!!
now get mine out!!
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CONGRATS mama and papa! I can't wait to hear all about the birth!
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Yeah! Congratulations!
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congratulations willo
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