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I've sprung a leak - Page 2

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Yeah Willo!!!

Ok, Willo sprung a leak yesterday & has a baby today!

I have bad cramps today & would like a baby tomorrow!

Can't wait to hear about the birth!
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hooray willo! congrats on your new little boy!
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yay!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Willo - can't wait to hear the details!
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Yeah Willo! Hope all is well. Congrats!
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congratulations willo!
welome baby boy...
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Wonderful news! Congratulations!!!
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Awesome! Yay!

I hope leaks are contagious....
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Just a few details as I've just come home with baby boy

Okay guys, we just got home from the hospital, and I'm trying to get everything set up for a night with a newborn... Here's where those of you who did your own nesting have a major advantage over me now!

Anyway, vital stats:
Water broke: ~ 4:15 pm Wednesday
Arrived birth center to check fluid and monitor baby: ~5:30 pm
Decided to stay, though could tell mw thought we should go home with ctx 5 - 8 minutes apart. Luckily we stayed...
Baby born: 9:42 pm Wednesday after 10 minutes of pushing.
I was standing up, leaning on the bed with my arms. Very, very uncomfortable, in my opinion, and I really wished I were more supported once the TOTALLY unexpected and irresistable urge to push hit me!

A baby boy. Not sure DH wants me naming names on the internet...
7# 12 oz
20" long
A decent thatch of darkish hair. Double hair whorls just like his big brother.

Overall, I have to say, be careful when you wish for a short labor! I think, in several ways, it was harder than my first delivery. I'm very glad it is done.

My biggest complaint now is a very sore coccyx. His skull was banging into my tailbone with every contraction, and I feel like I slid down several flights of wooden stairs on my butt Wednesday night. :

Nursing has commenced. Little darling is down only 4 oz from his birthweight as of now. That's pretty good, right? Anxiously awaiting milk coming in. Nipples are sore, but manageable. (Try to get gel "wound care" pads! They're marvelous!) This kid seems like less of a comfort-nurser than big brother, so I have high hopes. (This child also seems more willing to sleep other than in my arms--another good sign, IMO.)

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Wow! That was fast!!!!!

Congrats, you must be so happy to be home with your baby!!!!!!
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Congratulations Willow, I had a very fast birth too, WOW That was intense wasn't it? :
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Congratulations! How wonderful that you had him earlier rather than later!

Good luck with the nursing - it's so much easier the second time around, especially with a different personality.

Take care!
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Willo - what an awesome labour! Congratulations! And I looooove those gel pads, too - they really helped me with my 1st
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Congratulations on your precious little one! Thanks for sharing your birth story.
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