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~*~*The Official Belly Pics Thread!~*~*

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I decided to go ahead and start up the "official thread," since some of us have already started taking our belly pics!

So ladies, please come share your beautiful bellies!

I will post mine up later today
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Whoo hoo.. here is me # 5wks.. and 7 wks.

5 wks

7 wks.. http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c1...c/100_1262.jpg

and less bloating!
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I have the feeling this will be my last post to this thread. All through my last pregnancy, I kept asking DH to take a belly pic and he kept saying, "Later, later." All the way through to day 2 of labor he said "Later" (to be fair, he'd spent all day jumping to my every whim and was trying to fill out a job application) and of course, when "Later" came, baby was born.
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Belly pictures - or not so belly pictures...

Week 8 - silly http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...on-mark171.jpg

Week 8 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...-mark068-1.jpg

Week 6 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...on-mark140.jpg

Week 5 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v3...on-mark077.jpg

we skipped week 7 because dp was out of town, and I am not changing mut just yet, but I like to take a picture each week. I want to make a slideshow or something.
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I was so diligent about taking belly shots last time, but we'll have to see about this time....my belly isn't quite as cute as it once was, of course! I'm 10 wks now, so maybe I'll start a 1/2-week belly shot date on Friday mornings. Too late today as DH has already gone to work, but maybe we can find enough light tonight...I love seeing everyone's belly!
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mine is in my blog (se siggy)
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i haven't taken any pictures yet. i am hoping on taking more pictures this time than i did with my first. the first i wanted to take a picture every day and make a slide show out of it, but that turned into a big project and i wasn't in the mood for big projects. this time i just haven't wanted to take pictures.
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Finally my pictures!

Here I am at 9 weeks and 4 days Maternity clothes Feel so good!!


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Originally Posted by zahirakids View Post
So cute!!
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Cute belly Kelly!
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hey kell!! you're tummy's the cutest!!!
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9 weeks one day ... i'm much bigger this time. eek.


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Bellies bellies!! It is so cute knowing there are little babies in there

Since this is my third I have popped right out!!But now my midwife thinks either I am having twins or I am a few weeks ahead So I might have to go in and get an ultrasound !!
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Ok, since Andrea posted her non-belly belly picture, I guess I'll post mine too! Except I definately noticed I popped even if noone else does.


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wow I just wanted to say you have a very nice stomach...with a cute little baby in it...
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10 weeks with #4. No weight gain yet. My belly was flat before this pregnancy.

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Thanks, Kelly! You've got such a great baby bump already, I guess it's because you've done this before a couple of times. I can't wait until I start showing like that.
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A pic from 6 weeks.

Click me

Pics taken today, at 12 weeks. No weight gain that'd be worth mentioning. :

Naked *gasp*
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