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pp bleeding

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When did yours stop? (If it already has...)

I'm so sick of wearing pads!!!
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I will be 2 weeks PP on Saturday and my flow has increased a bit in the last few days. I suppose it is because I have been doing more housework than I should be doing. Someone has to do it right? With DC #1 I think that it lasted around 5 weeks. I hate pads too if it makes you feels any better. I wear think pads when I can get away with it because they feel less like a diaper!
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i'll be 4 weeks pp tomorrow & mine stopped a few days ago but i had more again today. i think i stopped bleeding around 3 weeks after both the girls but i'm obviously more active after #3.
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Mine was over at 2 weeks pp... sometimes I get a little spotting when I'm really active. So glad to not have to wear pads anymore! hate those things.
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i am 5 weeks postpartum and am still having days of light bleeding. with ds, i just bled for 10 days or so. i guess i am much more active this time around.
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Between 4 and 5 weeks pp for me. It slowed down quite a bit at around 2 weeks and I just had spotting after that when i was active. Once I took a bit of time to relax and heal the bleeding stopped completely.
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4-5 wks here, too. the last week was super light.
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I gave birth about 5 weeks ago and I'm still lightly spotting especially if I'm very active.
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Same here, somewhere between 4-5 weeks. My MIL and mother were freaking out about it because they figured I should hae only been bleeding for 10-14 days. (Talk about nosey eh!?)
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ditto, 4-5 weeks pp.
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Mine was stop and go for a little over 6 weeks and then a full blown period started at 8 weeks on the dot... My sister said she had the same with all 3 of her births (2 vaginal, 1 c section)
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I started spotting again at 6 weeks.... after we had sex the night before though.... might have been a contributing factor.
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At 3 weeks 4 days.
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Bleeding stopped at around 3 weeks and spotting at just after 4 weeks. With my first baby I stopped bleeding at around 4 weeks but carried on spotting for another 2, so 6 weeks in total.
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totally and completely at 4 weeks
Light annoying spotting during week 3
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mine stopped, but started again after me being violetnly ill.
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mine lightened up significantly to light bright red spotting in week three, and all the spotting was gone by week 5
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