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infant or toddler?

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What makes an infant turn into a toddler? Age? Walking? Teeth? Or what?
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I've been wondering the same thing. Then, recently I heard the following (I can't remember where; maybe it was even here): there are three milestones which mark toddlerhood--walking, talking, and cognitive development, as in showing a higher order of reasoning skills. My ds is 11 months and has been walking for a few weeks. I can also see his reasoning skills taking shape. For instance, he can figure out where I have gone if I leave the room. Before, he would just sit there and cry if I even moved 5 feet away. Now, he can follow me to where I've gone or where he thinks I've gone. My dh said that a few weeks ago I was gone, and he went all over the house looking for me. The first place he will always look is our computer room, because I spend so much time there. It's things like this that show that he is "thinking" a lot more and at higher levels.

But, he doesn't talk yet.
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I'm not sure. Goo can't walk, but she has about 7 words in her vocabulary and she has amazing logic skills that she has demonstrated since 3 months old (figuring out toys). She's shown a large amount of skill in that area, but not quite what I'd call a toddler yet.

I think I'll wait until she toddles!
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I just figured my son was a toddler when he started walking. He started at 15 months, but I did think of him as a toddler after his first birthday though.
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I always thought of a toddler as any infant over 12 months. JMO though
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Wow - I was just tonight wondering this same thing! Cole is 8 months, and while he is still firmly planted in babydom, he is clearly heading for toddlerhood. I guess I've always considered walking to be the criteria for toddler vs. baby. Although the 12 month mark seems like a good one too. They're both kind of arbitrary, though - it's probably different for every baby, but you know when it happens! Like, when does a child become an adolescent? At age 12? Not necessarily.
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Originally posted by Justice2
I always thought of a toddler as any infant over 12 months
I believe that is the "official" definition per ped's et al....
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I, too, thought it was 12 months.

DD is now walking, she can understand things, like "point to the cat", but while she babbles incessantly she has yet to say anything that resembles a real word. Her first birthday is only 2 weeks away, so I'll call her a toddler then, lol. I must say though, in the last week or so we've noticed a HUGE change in her. We were just saying the other day "she's not a baby anymore!".
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