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Here is my 4wk and 12wk I have gotten bigger though I don't even feel like I look preggo...
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Here's my eleven week shot:


and I told pretty much everyone at my other volunteer job and my childhood friend this week. I'm saving my friend from SF for next week, so that I'll have SOME way to celebrate the 12 week mark!
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Just popping in to say 'hi'...

Hi ladies, you're all looking so beautiful! Love those bellies.

I started out in your ddc but didn't stay for long. I'm now a new member of the march ddc I feel like I know you (and miss you) from the TTC forum and the ddc. I'll continue to check in and watch your progress.
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Originally Posted by naturallia View Post
I can definitely tell a difference from your last pic. Nice Belly!
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Ellymay, you totally have popped! All of you mama's have such cute bellies. I need to take some pics. I am already 11 weeks!
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I really don't have ANY belly yet. I look (and measure) same as I normally do, at 11 weeks. That's normal for a(n overweight) first timer, right?
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I just love looking at all the pictures and seeing everyone's growing bellies!
Keep 'em coming!
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Originally Posted by Teenytoona View Post
I really don't have ANY belly yet. I look (and measure) same as I normally do, at 11 weeks. That's normal for a(n overweight) first timer, right?
I was a bit bigger than you with my first and I didn't really start to show until around 16 weeks or so. Frankly, the best advice I can give is to get yourself a few maternity tops - ones that can't be mistaken for anything other than maternity tops. Once I started wearing a few I started getting a lot more comments from coworkers and they totally made my day. Right now I have two and I know I feel tons better about myself when I'm wearing them because I feel they make me look pregnant rather than just "fat".
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ARG! Everyone looks so cute, and I have nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. I know I'm pregnant, 'cause I feel like crap and I've seen the baby. And yet, nothing. Sigh. If anyhting I look smaller 'casue I've managed to lose weight. Go figure my body never behaves the way it's supposed to. Never has, and I guess it doesn't plan on it yet. But I do have a healthy baby, who likes getting his/her pictures taken and is really wiggly. Some day I'll get to post here.... (with a picture)
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Josh's Girl-- You are totally bump-ing there!!
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heeeres more chub!!!!!! dont know if theres a difference whadya think????

this weeks pic is the first one


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I definitely see a difference, Scarletbegonias.

Cute little bump you've got there!
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thank you!

your own belly is looking very cute! i have to say, i'm a little jealous!
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You think so? This is twelve weeks and I'm celebrating the end of the first trimester by wearing my cute, trendy maternity clothes from the TP:


I made the mistake of stepping on the scale and now I'm freaking out over how much weight I've lost, even though intellectually I know it wasn't much, just ten pounds. Instead of seeing a great big enormous belly, now when I look in the mirror I see the skinniest "girl" in my dance class and worry about an underweight baby.

< sigh >

Why is it that my mind KNOWS that all of this negative body image stuff is a load of crap and yet I buy into it so easily when it concerns the body I live in personally?
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that outfit is adorable! yes, i do definitely see a difference. with my first i lost almost 15 lbs before i started to gain. i was puking until about 5 months. and then when i did eat, only fruit sounded good. i ended up gaining exactly 30 lbs and dd was 6lb6oz at birth. both dh and i were small babies (6 1/2 lbs), i'm petite and he's only 5'10".

but i know what you mean about the dysmorphic thing. i think i read your post somewhere about struggling w/eating disorders. i have too for many years now, and although my logical brain knows better (WAAAAY better!), i still do battle over self image problems every single day. i suspect this will never go away.

your baby will be healthy, happy and PERFECT!
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trendy maternity clothes from the TP
Totally off topic -- but is the TP still here? I can't find it anymore!
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I'm seeing it right between TAO and WAHM well.

Here's my 13 week shot:

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