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Fall 2007 Newbie HS thread!

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Hey everyone! I love reading all of the posts from the "veteran" homeschool Moms, but I'd also really enjoy getting to know others who are going to be new to homeschool this year.

I have three boys (9, 7, and 19 months.) I've already decided that HS is in my youngest's future for sure. But BOTH of my older kids are having huges problems with public school. My oldest son (will be in 4th grade this next year) is practically being pushed out of public school because they can't seem to deal with his behavioral issues. I just took the plunge and enrolled him in the K12 program today. K12 is not my favorite curriculum, but for year 1 I need something free and structured while I tread water and figure things out.

Who else is going to be new? Let's support and encourage one another. I'd love to hear what you're doing. Especially if you have a to-be 4th grader.
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Welcome to the HS board. I'm fairly new as we are deschooling now and will start doing more structured activities in the fall. We'll have to, it's going to be cold and wet.

I think that ALL 4th graders should be homeschooled! It's the hardest year with so much personal growth going on. Good for you for bringing him home. I was traumatized by 4th grade and whenever I talk about it others are like "me to! it was the worst year!" so, I'm not alone. I hope you love it as much as we are.

I have a 7yob, a 5yog and a 22 mob.
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Count me in! (I think. I hope!) I'm planning to start in the fall with a Charlotte Mason-based approach, although I also have lots of curriculum stuff because I've been researching and acquiring for awhile now. I'm using the summer as a kind of trial period, because I'm truly afraid I won't be able to handle the intensity. My DH is about to take on a second consulting job in addition to his FT job, and I work from home, so I have some doubts about my ability to factor HSing into our lives. But I do believe it's the best education I can give my DDs, so I'm going to do everything I can to make it work.

Looking forward to what the other newbies have to say!
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I'll be a newbie too. I'll be starting with DD who is 5. I don't think I'll be able to HS the boys (long story). I'm still deciding on what type of curriculum I think she would do well with.
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Not new to hsing, I've been "hsing" my sister for the last couple years but she is old enough that she does it all herself, I've just helped her get materials and shown her some things that she wouldn't have known about otherwise. I'm also hsing my kids, 3 yo and 2 yo. But I was wondering if you could post the link to the free K12 program? Thanks!
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Thanks for starting a newbie thread! I'll be starting my almost-14-year-old with Oak Meadow's 8th grade curriculum within the next 6 weeks or so. I am worried, excited, apprehensive, thrilled, and so many other simultaneous emotions. She's spent the last two school years in an international school, but after talking to one of her teachers last night about the problems in the school, I feel 1000% justified in my decision. I'm looking forward to sharing with everyone.
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We will be hs/virtual schooling DS (8) for third grade next year. DH is more comfortable with this option and the accountability required with it. I'd rather use a more classical/CM approach, but better this than the traditional B&M public school.

The girls (4 & 1) will be along for the ride; still deciding on phonics/reading program for 4 yr old and definately using FIAR.
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We're new, too We'll be hsing ds beginning with first grade (he is 6). I can already tell that we'll be taking an eclectic approach, because that's the kind of gal I am But we're taking a classical approach to history for sure. We're all really excited. We've chosen to hs to have more time as a family and give our kids time to pursue other non-academic interests.
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will also be starting to homeschool dd-6 in the fall with a classical/charlotte mason approach.
thanks for all the support here!

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Ooh! Count me in! We'll be starting this fall with dd1, who is 5. I'll be using a catholic/charlotte mason curriculum from Catholic Heritage Curriculum. It's really flexible, while still offering some structure, if that makes any sense!
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We're also going to be starting up with homeschooling in the fall. DS is currently in grade 1 and we'll make the switch once he's done. We made our decision back in January and I'm getting quite excited as we get closer to September.

I don't really have a specific approach planned out yet. I'm read some Charlotte Mason stuff and it seems neat, and I've got friends who unschool and I think that's kind of cool. What I have in mind is that we'll have structured mornings which include some book work but more along the lines of following DS's interests. I'm not planning on purchasing prepackaged curriculum, though I have been purchasing a wide variety of books.
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We're starting now with a more loose year round plan. We tend to travel several times a year, so knowing that we will school year round will give us more flexibility.

My boys are 6.75 and nearly 4. Thing 1 would be going into 1st grade in September if he were going to public school. I have a great friend who is also going to start homeschooling her daughter who would also be starting 1st, so I'm looking forward to having someone nearby in the trenches with me.

We've been going to a HS park day for the past year or so, but we've not really done anything "official" for kindergarten, just play and household stuff. So, I've developed a nice support network and am feeling better about getting down to brass tacks.

We've started Math U See and Thing 1 likes is. Thing 2 has joined in at times (we're starting with Primer), but it's a little harder for him because of the writing.

We're planning to do FIAR and Explode the Code. We'll be working around the park day, Thing 1's OT and other appointments - I'm really glad this year for the flexible schedule that homeschooling will give us while we get those things going.
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We're newbies, too. My son would be starting kindergarten this year so it's time to start We're using FIAR and I'm really getting excited! We're busy researching, collecting ideas, setting up the house for it, changing work schedules, etc. We plan to do year round and we're starting in late August.
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, HI!!! We are new also. We are starting with DD/ soon to be nine, she would have entered 4th in the fall. DS/4.5 will enter Pre-school, but I really think that he is would benefit fom leaning at home now. DH wants DD and me to have time together to "learn" how to Home School. I would really like to hear more about deschooling as I have been told that it could take a year to deschool DD. As for curriculum, so far I am liking the Classical take, I think we will both benefit from a structured curriculum to start, and then later we might move into unschooling. Nice to meet you all and thanx for starting this thread!
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This will be our first year of *officially* homeschooling, now that my oldest is the age to go to K. We are using a mix of Charlotte Mason and unschooling methods. We are using Ambleside Online, and started with their Year 0 last year, so we'll be doing Year 1 this year. So far it has been great!
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Wow a lot of Charlotte Mason people! Neat! I'm doing K12 this year because it's free, but I hope to move into a more eclectic approach later.
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Ah, new here, too. This fall I'll be hsing a 1st grader and doing A LITTLE preschool with my 3 and 2 yo (mostly reading books and doing art projects.

I am in love with the idea of doing Unit Studies and am going to use "Five In A Row" for most of our course work. I am debating over Singapore or Miquon Math. (I know, big difference!) and I like the idea of "Sing Spell Read and Write" phonics, but am not too keen on the price! OUCH! We are not formally doing any science or social studies, but it will be included in the FIAR program.

I am very excited, and very nervous about hsing. I am glad I have this forum for support.
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I don't officially feel like a hs'er yet : ... dd will be 4 by Aug. and I have been reading and experimenting with Oak Meadow's pre-K package with her. I've also printed out the pre-k weather unit from Waldorf Homeschooling, and I've ordered the Midsummer Night Fairies unit from earth-school. I'm thinking of combining and trying some of these different curriculum out to see what works for us. I'm also interested in Enki and will be trying to purchase the Early Childhood guide by the end of summer. I've started to collect books here and there, not to mention I keep checking out different things. If it were entirely up to me, I'd prolly hs using an eclectic method that leaned toward Waldorf/ nature/ natural rhythms of life. But as I WOH full time and dh SAH, it's something that we'll need to agree upon. So I'm hoping this year will show him we can split some of the duties. Then when Kinder enrollment comes around, it'll be a part of our regular rhythms and he won't bother to mention enrolling her in PS.
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I'll be starting homeschooling my 5yo ds for kindergarten this fall using the Enki curriculum. I'm very excited.
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I was thinking about FIAR for my 5 yr old as well. But there's so many choices, it's hard to decide.
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