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Pool/Bath hose

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Hey, we just got our tub/baby pool/bath-thing from our midwives. They mentioned that we need a hose that's safe for drinking to fill it. I had to laugh considering we all grew up drinking those lead-filled things. Where have you all had luck finding such a thing?

I was thinking if I couldn't find one, we'll just get some plumbing tubing....?? and fit some nozzles or adaptors to fit the washer??
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RV hoses or http://www.birthwithsol.com/waterhose.html
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i got mine at a nearby RV supply shop.
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we got one at target. it's a nylon fabric hose (in their garden section) my mw said even though some normal garden hoses say "drinking water safe" alot of them arent but this one is. then we bought a "cuppling" at the hardware store to attach it to our faucet. it seems like it will work great....except when we tried it out it was a bit of a pain to drain all of the water out of the hose becuase being fabric it got lots of kinks in it easy (no problem when filling it though)
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dh found at at home depot, i think it's a rv/boat/camping hose...
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I've been researching this exact thing. Over on the homebirth section there is a super sticky at the top that gives you all kinds of options!
I bought the wrong pool and then my midwife said that she will just bring a pool that she has.
I just have to get the hose and pump thing now.
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I found one in the camping section at Wal-Mart!
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We got one yesterday at the hardware store. It's an RV hose.
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