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Red bumps all over my 1 year old

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My one year old broke out in small red bumps all over his body--even his ears. We were out very briefly in the HOT sun the other day, so I thought maybe heat rash, but is is still sticking around.

I thought coxsackie/hand-foot-mouth, but I haven't noticed anything on hands/feet/or mouth. Lots on his legs, arms, tummy, bum. SLight runny nose & no fever. Seems a little cranky & wanting to nurse/cuddle more.

Called my doctor twice & they said if it isn't itchy or bothering him or if he has no fever, don't worry.

Should I worry?

My pregnant sister was here, as was another sister with her 3 small kids. Am planning to have a birthday party for my other son on Saturday. Just want to put my mind at ease.
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Have the bumps retained their original appearance? Are any pus-filled?
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It sounds just like roseola, my daughter, my nephew and some other children I know have had this recently. Pretty common and easy if it is...comparatively, of course!
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The bumps seem to fade and then magically reappear. Weirdest thing!! No pus filled--just plain old raised red bumps.

My other son and I both have fevers, mild sore throats and headaches. The baby seems ok, except for those weird bumps.

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my ds2 had a mild rash almost invisible to others but he had been able to tell us he had a throat (sore throat) and had a super mild, lik 100 degree fever for a few hours the day before. it turned out he had scarlet fever (strep throat with a rash). just to let you know. doc told me that antibiotics help strep from recurring as a severe heart condition (a common side effect apparently of waiting out the strep symptoms with no treatment). ds2's skin is still a little bumpy two months later, but if YOU think your dc is sick io would seek medical attention. that being said, sometimes a rash is just a rash....good luck
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