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2007 Frugal Holiday "Challenge"

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Feeling inspired by this thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=216812

But knowing many do not want to read through 500+ posts and many might not do $0.00 for the holidays... I thought since it is about 6 months until the "Xmas, etc..." season, maybe it's time for a new thread?

I have seen people start to post about the holiday's so I am putting this out there.

You can be poor or rolling in it, making a personal choice, going against consumerism, recycling, etc... Does not matter "WHY"... just that you wish or need to be more frugal this year.

Feel free to post ideas or thoughts, heck even keep a running "tab" of what you have reused/scored/snagged/yard saled/thrifted/found/bought/made, etc...
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i'll join. i just picked up my first present from freecycle on friday. new in box! the box is a little banged up but the goods are still OK.

running total: 0

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For my daughter I am making a kithchen kit. I have purchased small dishes from a thrift store. As well as small enamel pots with lids and a small frying pan. I will be making a table cloth, placemats, and napkins as well as an apron. I will also be making felt food. My dad is making her wooden spoons, a rolling pin etc.

I am going to make a city for my 2 year old to play cars on and a tree house for his little guy-guys.

I am making an art kit for my 7 year old and my nine year old.

I am making "I Spy" bags for my little neices and nephews.

Not sure for everyone else yet.
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I'm definitely in, but this will be more of a "stick to your budget" Christmas rather than a "no-spend" Christmas.

I hadn't even thought of the upcoming holidays until I saw some threads about it. Now I'm panicked!
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I'm all for a stick to the budget (or come in below budget ideally) christmas.

But I'd recommend you take the time to read through the $0 thread, there are some fabulous ideas in there!
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Awesome ideas in the older thread, but I also like this new thread to help keep track!

So far I've: knit a set of dishcloths for my aunt
knit a zillion other dishcloths
bought a set of Playmobil on clearence
bought another toy on clearence
bought a few little things for dh on clearence

I'd like to create some dress up items for Wy, make some soap, knit a few pairs of armwarmers, maybe some mittens and socks too.
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I picked up some stuff at yardsales already. So far I have 5 gifts and have spent $10. It seems like a lot for 5 gifts, but the one gift is a huge box of barbies and barbie acessories for DD
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This Christmas is a "do handmade" and stick to your budget Christmas. We're Christians and try to focus more on the meaning of Christmas instead of the consumerism. We also want the kids to see that thought and effort goes into gift giving instead of just buying "whatever" for family and friends.

I'm going to encourage my siblings and their SOs to do what we call "Kris Kringle" (Secret Santa) b/c we've had some new SO additions and have grown over the past year making the holidays $$$ when we buy for EVERYONE. As far as everyone else, I'm making most of the gifts we're getting, or finding someone who can make them for us. I've already gotten started on things b/c I'm due mid-November and won't have time w/ a NB to do anything. My goal is to have everything made/ bought/ wrapped by November 1st Let's see, I have:

DS~ Waldorf doll w/ diapers & clothes (using fabric I have on hand) DONE,an art smock (using fabric I have on hand) DONE, set of bendie dolls (have the supplies on hand) $25 for the Waldorf doll materials/ everything else, free

DD~ doll sling & clothes for her Waldorf doll (fabric on hand), dress up tutu, art smock DONE

New baby~ set of felted wool balls (have supplies already), teething Waldorf baby (using on hand fabric), knit slippers (using yarn scraps) Free

My mom~ set pf 12 produce bags, fabric cost $3 DONE

My dad~ ???

2yo brother~ knit slippers, I-Spy beanie type bags $10 for bag supplies
, art smock DONE

New niece/ nephew~ knit slippers DONE, teething baby Free

MIL~ rice neck pillow (using on hand fabric, rice, and lavender buds) DONE, teeny tiny felted tote (on hand yarn) DONE, knit washcloths (on hand yarn) DONE, salt or sugar scrub Free

FIL~ ???

13 yo BIL~ ???

My best friend~ teeny tiny felted tote DONE, knit/ fabric potholders

Best friend's oldest DS~ felted wool balls w/ carrying bag Free

Best friend's youngest DS~ knit playfood DONE w/ little tote (on hand yarn & fabric) Free DONE

Salt dough ornaments for everyone else that the kids make

6 Secret Santa gifts between DH, me, and the kiddos- will try to use on hand supplies, or spend as little as possible

All in all, less than $300 for gifts
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I've been sending for internet freebies all year to use as stocking stuffers.
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I'm in.
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We're doing a low-spend Christmas this year. Our goals so far are:

DS1 (will be 6) - $100
DD (will be 2) - $100
DS2 (will be 5 months) - $30
DH's side of family - $80 (two $40 gifts for name-drawing)
My side of family - $50 (two $25 gifts for name-drawing)
My nieces - $40 ($20 each)

So $400 all together. Still sounds like a lot! Maybe we can do even better than that.

We haven't started buying yet, but I'm keeping my eye on the Amazon Toys Sale page for good deals for my kids.
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Originally Posted by Staceyy View Post
I've been sending for internet freebies all year to use as stocking stuffers.

What have you been getting.

And if you haven't already, on kitchenaid.com there is a forum section that says if you register you get a free $100 gift. I just did it today and I can let you know what it turns out to be.
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In the past we gave magazine subscriptions to family and this one has been a favorite and VERY affordable at $12/ year. Plus it's a GREAT magazine!


I like the idea of a magazine or tickets to something or a favor-- something you can use rather than a "thing". Home baked/cooked items are always my favorite too! My friend Tracy always gifts me with her famous meatloaf and peach cobbler for my birthday and I look forward to it more than anything else!
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Last year, I bought all sorts of fashion yarn on clearance and made scarves for all the girls, it went over really big, I think I will make them all scarves again this year, just mix it up a bit. And I only taught myself to knit in November! They weren't the only present, but it really seemed to flesh out the other presents I got them.

I also want to do homemade gift baskets for those more peripheral folks who give us presents and/or I never know what to get for - I bought the baskets already on mega after christmas sale, so my plan is to make some homemade stuff and can it, then make some homemade breads and things closer to christmas. I figure I could probably get away with close to $10/basket when I'm done.

For me, I focus on being frugal without seeming cheap. I had some great scores last year where I hit sales on things I knew people would like and were name brand so it seemed like I had spent so much more than I did. One key set of presents was for this family which is good friends with my parents - they always buy us stuff even when I sent messages through mom that we couldn't afford it - they don't care as they have a lot of money and just want to get us something anyway, but I felt bad receiving gifts and having nothing so I am always on the hunt for something good for them.
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please tell about the internet freebies:

clueless but willing to learn
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Yes please! I'd like to know about the internet freebies as well!

So far we're planning a $0 Christmas simply cause we're broke! But DS is only 2 so luckily he doesn't really know the difference!
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Last year I knit a lot of hats and scarves. I usually start knitting in January for Christmas, but this year is the first year I have started on socks and so far I am only through one sock (not a pair, 1 sock) so by Christmas I might only have one present knitted so I need more ideas!

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I've done all used/handmade before and ended up spending nearly as much as I would have anyway, so this year I'm going to shift focus to a lot of pre-planning and sale shopping, I think. Anyway, I don't have anything yet, but I'm subbing.
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You all might like this idea.... They had a "saying" in Victorian times about gift giving (they were big into NOT spoiling kids )

Give children:

Something they want.

Something they need.

Something to play with.

And something to read.

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