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Candycane - You can log in through mypoints.com and register. It is completely free (although people can earn points by referring you).

They send you e-mails and you get 5 points for each e-mail that you click through. Some e-mails contain links to surveys and if you qualify for and complete a survey, you earn 10 to 1000 points depending on the company.

You also get points for clicking through the mypoints website to online retailers when you purchase. For instance, if I was planning to purchase something at Barnes and Noble online, I'd first visit the mypoints website, click on their B&N link, then I'd get credited with 10 points per dollar spent. If you shop online anyway, it is a great way to earn free GC to tons of different places.

I do very little shopping online but still manage to earn at least a $25 GC each year just by clicking their e-mails and not qualifying for their surveys (apparently my location isn't one that surveyors want to hear from). I can buy a lot of small kids books with that GC and use them as Christmas gifts.
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Reusable Bags!

I would love to crochet or knit reusable string shopping bags for my relatives similar to the ones below, but can't find a pattern. If anyone knows where I can find a pattern, I would really appreciate it.

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what a good idea...when searching i found this site:

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Originally Posted by frog View Post
Thanks Frog!!
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This year I plan on making a home made "home pack" for some of my family. Home made detergent in a nice package (probably a mason jar dressed up a little), nontoxic cleaner already mixed in a spray bottle, a peice (or a bar) of fels naptha soap for stain remover (this stuff works awesome if you haven't tried it), a home-made grocery bag holder (the tube shaped thing), and a little booklet full of home-made recipes for cleaning.
I've been thinking about doing something along this line. I'm brand spankin' new to homemade cleaners though. I checked out a book from the library but haven't had much chance to try many of the recpies yet. Would you be so kind as to share some of your recipies/instructions? : I'd be forever grateful!
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Wow, Frog, thanks for th link! I think I'll try some out soon! I finished scarf # 2 - it's kinda funny, but I like it. It's from burled yarn, kinda fat at the ends and skinnier in the middle. Then I made 2 giant pompoms and attached them about a third of the way up the scarf, so you can then tie the scarf shut at the neck with a bow and have the pompoms dangling. Scarf #3 halfway done - need a second skein of yarn - it goes fast when it's super chunky.

This is exciting! I'm gonna try the shopping bag and I have a purse pattern too - It's super '70's but it's funny, thats the style again.

Oh, I thought about this last night, too! We might invest in getting nice reusable water bottles for some people. Frugal & earth friendly! Not those plastic ones, I've been eyeing up some nice stainless ones for myself...fwiw.
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Originally Posted by Berty View Post
Any frugal ideas that can include something to do with dinosaurs? My ds is crazy about them. He will be 6. For all of our gifts this year, I'd like to do homemade things if possible.
(I haven't read all of the way through the thread yet so forgive me if this is already mentioned)

If your ds likes to paint craft stores usually have wooden shapes for about $0.25 each. I've never looked for dinosaurs but I'm sure they'd have them. You could get him some dino cutouts and paint.
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Originally Posted by MomToKandE View Post
(I haven't read all of the way through the thread yet so forgive me if this is already mentioned)

If your ds likes to paint craft stores usually have wooden shapes for about $0.25 each. I've never looked for dinosaurs but I'm sure they'd have them. You could get him some dino cutouts and paint.
Hey, Berty! Look what I found on Amazon!


$10 for the pair, age 6 to 9. You'd probably have to help him, but I've seen these models for $15 each at museum stores. A bargain, if you ask me. Just a suggestion!
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For my teenage cousin I was thinking of printing out the directions and gathering supplies to build this:


It's a little quirky, but I think he might like it. There are other fun things on that site as well. He's always impossible to shop for on the cheap! I'll probably give him a small gift certificate as well.
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Jess, that's totally cool.
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Oooh! Oooh!

Don't know if all the Dollar Tree dollar stores are carrying it, but I scored some totally sweet Lions Brand Fancy Fur Yarn for $1 each skien! Yay! I was eyeing it up at AC Moore, and it was $4.95! Score! I'm totally going to stock up this weekend, how can you beat it? Even if I don't use it all, I can sell it on ebay for $2, I'm sure.

Just had to share, and if any other crochet/knitty momma was interested, they may have it at a Dollar Tree near you!
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For DH's side of the family:
2 Christmases ago we did hand-tied fleece blankets w/ neck pillow and scarf (all from 2 yards of fleece that I got on sale). Blockbuster gift cards for the guys (FIL and BIL). DNiece got a blanket also.

Last year I did home-made photo calenders and a hand-painted photo frame w/ a pic of them w/ dd in it. Again Blockbuster gift cards for FIL and BIL. We got DNiece a playdough fun bucket. And I made DNephew (newborn) a hand-tied fleece blanket.

This year I'm doing the calenders again and making photo slideshow DVD's. And the Blockbuster gift cards. I'm sewing DNiece and DNephew a dress and a shirt or romper and either dying or tie-dyeing them (white fabric that I already have).

For my side of the family, we live with them, so we know more of what they need/want and can buy on sale/clearance. I usually spend less than $20 per person.

I'll be making DD a tie-dyed dress, and maybe getting her some wooden play food. I'm also on the look out on Craigslist for a play table with drawers or bins underneath. I'm not getting her any more books for quite a while. I bought 2 moving boxes (all looked brand new) of kids books at a yard sale for $5. I usually get her a musical instrument for a stocking stuffer and Mom will get her a few little things to put in, too.
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thanks to Stormysar's homepack idea and this thread, i've decided to knit shopping bags and fill it w/ household cleaners, baked goodies, knitted dishclothes, etc..i know mom & mil will love...and so will the planet..i guess i need to get started..thanks!!
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I was perusing through a freebie website the other day when I came across what seems to be a great link. http://www.silverjewelryclub.com It's for a jewerly manufacturing company in CA. They give away jewelry on their website to help drum up business. You only pay $5.99 for shipping. The freebie site that has this posted had hundreds of people saying they had a good experience. Their FAQ's said this:
Is this really free?
Yes, we are offering exquisite pieces of jewelry to you Free. There is no catch, no strings attached and no future obligation to buy. A shipping and handling fee of $5.99 applies that’s all!

Why are you giving away jewelry for free?
Giving away our jewelry for free is our way of introducing our products. We know the competition is fierce, and we want you to experience our jewelry so that you will remember our brand. Wear it yourself or give it as a gift!
I ordered a pair of earrings and a ring at the beginning of the week and they were shipped the next day. I should be getting them anyday now. The selection changes every 15 minutes. They have earrings, rings, and pendants (chain not included). They are all silver with gemstones including mother of pearl, topaz, amethyst, citrine, garnet, and more. Some of the stuff is ugly but I've found several cute pieces. I'm planning to get some pieces for my MIL and SIL. Not too shabby for $5.99!
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Just started reading this thread and wanted to add my idea....don't know if anyone else has posted it yet..so sorry if they have.

I have been working hard on using reuseable bags at the store, so I want to get everyone bags. Just happen there is a coop for Chicobags on MDC right now! So per a idea from someone else, I'm getting the bags mostly in red and green and using them not only as the present, but also the wrapping!! (save money on wrapping)...I figure a pretty little ribbon and they are good to go!!

I also plan on making everyone cloth napkins this year. Been trying to use less paper napkins. To go with the napkins I am going to use up beads that I have and go get some memory wire...they make the cutest napkin holders!!

Can't wait to hear all the other ideas!
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That jewelry site looks really interesting! There is no catch?
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No catch that I can find so far. Here's the link to the site that had the OP. The thread has been alive since 2005 and there's 9 pages of replies (many more were apparently deleted due to the size of the thread). I didn't read all of them but the ones I did read were all positive. I know, it seems too good to be true. I'll let you know if my packages ended up being a box of rocks.
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Well I just ordered one because I saw one that my MIL would love (even though I think it was hideous! LOL .. she is an FSU fan and it was those colors)... so I guess we can let each other know!
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