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Where or what is everyone getting their tree? Are you doing a tree? How can you find frugal trees??
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I don't scrimp on my tree! And don't think my husband's gonna talk me out of my 10 foot tree this year!

We buy from the food bank tree lot, so I know the profit is going to a good cause. If you want to save a lot of money, though, you can wait until Christmas eve to buy, put up and decorate!
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My 2 yo DD has just discovered making forts, and now that her little sister is almost mobile, is beginning to want her own little space to escape. I thought a bower would be PERFECT for her, but they're so expensive.

So I got looking online and found a taupe colored mosquito net for under $20, and some silk scarves from Thai Silks (under $2) that I'm going to use to make the top more pretty. I'm going to add some silk flowers and such that I had left over from my DIY wedding decorations and it'll be perfect for her!
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30 days til xmas!
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How is everyone doing?

I ended up revamping my list because we are moving (this weekend!) and needed more time to pack/clean and sell our house than to make things. So not everything is homemade but about half is :

This week I am
-making homemade goodies (cookies, chocolate pretzels ect.) for my grandma and DHs grandpa with my MIL
-finish making our advent calendar with DD (a lot of hand sewing with felt and beads/sequins ect.)
-put together the journal in the jar for DD. I've got all the supplies. I just need to do it!

The fallowing weeks
-I need to make mixed CDs for friends and cover art (mixed media)
-DH's coupon book for his stocking. I have no idea what to do here. Any Help?
-DH's mixed tape with art work
-Name a star for DD, make a certificate at kinkos, get a star gazing map ect.

We will finally be putting our tree up next week. We are buying a potted tree this year and hopefully it'll be our tree for years to come. Found a cute little evergreen tree (forgot the name, haven't bought it yet) at Ikea for $19!
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Last minute

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I posted a few months ago my frugal giving plan inspired by mdc moms. Here is what my official giving list is this year. Almost all homemade. I spent a total of $75 on 45 people!!!!

Both ds are getting a handcrafted barn (similar to a doll house) that I found in perfect condition at a thrift store for $22. I repainted it last night, and it is so perfect. We bought each boy their own set of farm animals. Older ds is getting a homemade sock monkey. Younger ds is getting silks and ribbons attached to small needlework hoops. Both ds are getting homemade beanbags.

DH is getting: homemade booboo bags (corn filled bags that are to be stored in the freezer for bumps and bruises...can also be put in the microwave. I also made fleece covers for them and stuffed them with dried mint from our CSA), and a collection of magnetic chalkboards (old metal tv trays painted with chalk paint) and magnets made by the kids to go with. (He wanted a message board for us to leave notes for each other). He is also getting a game for his DSlite.

FIL and SMIL are getting: a personalized painting (I bartered babysitting with an artist friend of mine). FIL booboo bags. MIL suduko puzzles and art supplies (to practice her doodling before her next visit with the kids) from dollar store.

Grandparents are getting: A leaf collection (collected leaves and dried them this fall and framed them in a dollar store frame with a photo of them with the boys in the leaves). Grandpa booboo bags. I found an antique miniature skate at a flea market for $3 for my grandmother (she collects mini shoes).

BIL1 and SIL1 are getting an apple collection set (see bottom of post), a giraffe photo collection we took at the zoo and a personal note from the zookeeper for his 12 yo daughter (she took care of these giraffes at zoo camp in CO, and they now live at our zoo in Wisconsin), and his 1 yo dd is getting a homemade sock monkey.

BIL2 and SIL2 are getting an apple collection and a subscription to Parents Magazine (12.99 for one year). They are expecting their first child.

SIL is getting an apple collection, her dh is getting booboo bags and her 4yo ds is getting bean bags.

My sister is getting a Smurfette glass (she always wanted to be smufette, and I found an old McDonalds glass at a thrift) and an apple collection set, her boyfriend booboo bags, her 7yo dd is getting a picture package (our old digital camera and supplies, a dollar store frame and scrapbook), her 13 yo ds is getting a gift certificate to a fishing supply company with an invitation for a guys weekend (he lost contact with his dad after a divorce and needs some guy time, so that is the real gift).

MIL and stepFIL are getting an apple collection set (see below).

My mom is getting personalized business cards, stationary, etc. for her quilting business that is taking off the ground (I have the graphic arts background and the paper already). A lavender set (bath salts and potpourri made from lavendar from our yard). A Grandmother’s sweater I found at a craft sale.

My dad and stepmom are getting an apple set.

Moms Group annual holiday party gift exchange is getting a collection of homemade canned goods from u-pick apple and strawberry field trips we took this year.

My best friend is getting a homemade scrapbook of her and our children. She adores them, and she is constantly asking for copies of the photos I have of her and them. Her dh is getting booboo bags.

My five closest friends are getting booboo bags. Their younger children are getting homemade holiday cloth diapers or a sock monkey while their older children are getting homemade bean bags.

Apple Pie Set:
I canned apple butter and apple pie filling from apples the boys picked. I found cute apple picking baskets at a garage sale. In the basket I will place the apple pie filling along with a bag of apple crisp topping (homemade) with baking instructions. I will put the apple butter with a bag of apple muffin mix (homemade) with baking instructions. Also included is a bag of my older son’s favorite homemade oatmeal mix and homemade granola sweetened with apple butter – both apple of course.

ETA: I forgot to add the cost of the DSlite game to the $75. So, it was more like $100, but that is still pretty darn good for that many people!
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