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I'm a little embarassed by mine compared to amyamanda. We aren't all organic and there's some convenience stuff in here because DH cooks and doesn't do everything from scratch. But here is what we have planned for July. The cost should be around $300 (Edited again to say I went shopping and the total was $236.59, yea!!) I'm guessing.

Yes I find it cheaper to shop for the whole month compared to weekly. Much more convenient too. And we don't do Once a Month Cooking, just once a month shopping.

ETA: Okay, I completed the whole plan for the month so I'm editing to show the finished list:

Cooking oil
1 lb dry pinto beans
1 lb dry red beans
1 lb dry black beans
1 lb dry black eyed peas
3 bags tortillas
2 Peanut butter
2 jelly
2 loaves bread
Kashi ( for recipe)
1 pack of fried rice seasoning mix
1 package hoagie rolls (at least 4)
Spaghetti noodles
8 oz package macaroni noodles
1 bag corn meal
brown sugar
2 lb coffee
1 box hot tea bags
1 box Buisquick

62 bananas (peel and slice and freeze to use for smoothies later)
2 bag oranges (for smoothies and snacks)
2 apples (for recipe, more for snacks)
1 tub raisins (for recipe)
1 bag chopped collard greens
1 pre-packaged bag of red skinned potatoes
1 pack eggroll wrappers (it's not produce but it's in the produce section of the store)
4 acorn squash
2 bags baby carrots

10 bags whole frozen strawberries (for smoothies)
1 big bag frozen onion - too lazy to chop onions!
1 lb bag frozen corn kernels
1 large bag frozen mixed veggies
1 bag frozen bell peppers and onions (designed for fajitas, too lazy to chop)

1 tub yogurt (for smoothies)
2 blocks cream cheese
2 big bags shredded cheese
1 tub small curd cottage cheese

2 lb smoked sausage
1 whole chicken
1 chicken, cut up
1 lb thin cut beef round steak
2 lb ground beef
2 lb stew meat
1 pack bacon
boneless ribs

10 cans pineapple in juice (for smoothies)
1 can tomato paste
1 can spaghetti sauce
2 cans corn
2 can black beans
1 can pinto beans
6 cups veggie broth or chicken broth
1 bottle lime juice
3 cups tomato sauce
1 can green chilis (it’s a little 4 oz can)
2 large jars salsa (26 oz)
1 large jar of BBQ sauce
soy sauce

What we have planned (breakfast is PB&J or smoothies, so these are our dinners. Also, any of these can be served with mixed veggies on the side from the large bag of frozen mixed veggies, that just makes it easier to have veggies every day.)

Week 1:
Chicken quesadillas & black bean soup
Beef stew

Week 2:
Bean burritos with homemade refried beans
Red beans and rice
Hot multigrain cereal
hamburger onion pie

Week 3:
Black bean torta,
Chicken fried rice
Philly cheese steak sandwiches
Macaroni and Cheddar Cheese and acorn squash

Week 4:
Southwestern eggrolls
Oven fried chicken and roasted potatoes
“Breakfast for dinner” cornbread muffins and scrambled eggs and bacon
Black eyed peas and biscuits and cooked collard greens

Week 5:
Vegetarian chili and cornbread
Slow cooker ribs w/ BBQ sauce

Just in case we run out of meals, I have an emergency backup meal - Soup from leftover chicken bones and veggies.
And I’d also pick up some more fresh fruits and veggies like fresh strawberries and grapes and melons, whatever I find at the store for a good price, for the kids to snack on.
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Yeeks...I'm really feeling self-conscious here...truly did not mean to make anyone uncomfortable! I feel like my family's diet surely needs improvement, especially the part where some of my kids are staunchly anti-veggie and basically my kids eat eggs and peanut butter and sometimes meat if they are "lucky." The kids who is most anti-veggie is the one I fantasized about raising vegetarian before he started solids.

And obviously, my shopping is not "frugal" buy definition, which makes me cringe a bit here.


I think the other lists posted are perfectly respectable and healthy-looking...a trillion zillion times better than most people's.

Also I meant to say, I don't do OAMC - way too complicated for me. But I might prep something one day for use the next day. That is about as far as I get for advance preparation.

I would love to see more people's lists. It's so great to get ideas from what other people do.
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Amyamanda, don't be embarrassed at all. That is a great shopping list and your organization is awesome. I would love to have mine organized like that in a few years once my kids get a little older. I am definitely working toward it.

I am cutting and pasting my price book listings. These are staples I check before I shop. I definitely supplement this list with other stuff needed for that weeks meals and we get a CSA May-Nov.

org. flour
org. sugar

org. free range eggs-when the farmers market doesn't have them
margerine-that heart stuff for dh, he won't be persuaded
org. yogurt
org. cheese

org. carrots 5lb ba
org. cucumber
org. tomato-or local, usually at farmers market
org. gr. Pepper -or local, usually at farmers market
org. lettuce-usually at farmers market
Plus whatever veggies we get in our share, more exotic than I buy during the winter for sure

org. apples
org. grapes
org. strawberry-farmers market when available
org. blueberry-farmers market when available

org. spaghetti sauce, not brand loyal
org. diced tom., not brand loyal
org. whole tom., not brand loyal
green chilis
org. white bean, not brand loyal
org. kidney bean, not brand loyal
org. refried bean, not brand loyal
org. ketchup, not brand loyal
balsamic vinegar
olive oil

org. corn
org. broccoli

org. free range chix breast
org. free range whole chix
org. gr. Beef
gr. Turkey-natural or org., whichever I can get
pk. Tender. -natural or org., whichever I can get
beef roast-natural or org., whichever I can get

I'm lucky that my 1 and 3 year olds are really good eaters with no allergies or adversions. I understand how much easier that makes things for me.
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I also meant to say that I buy multiple of these things when they are on sale or low priced. I may buy 12 spaghetti sauces at once or 20lbs of meat. Then I can wait until there is a good price again. We do eat meat and when I run out of chicken, I buy more even if it isn't on sale, I just buy enough for a week at a time until I see a sale again.

I end up shopping about every 2 weeks with runs to the farmers market each week to pick up our share and supplement other veggies.
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Originally Posted by amyamanda View Post
Yeeks...I'm really feeling self-conscious here...truly did not mean to make anyone uncomfortable!
Oh, don't be sorry about it, I'm totally in awe! So many people just don't care what they feed themselves or their kids - you're so inspiring!!:

And I edited my list up above if anyone wants to see the finished product.
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Yeeks...I'm really feeling self-conscious here...truly did not mean to make anyone uncomfortable!
Oh My Amyamanda! I am just jealous of all the organics and healthy foods you all eat While I would love to say that is how I feed my family, it is not. I would love to replace the 3 packages of hot dogs with lentils or tofu, but having tired these things and having them end up as compost... well, you know.

Heidi, I do the same thing. I often wonder what the check out clerks think when all I buy is three frozen turkeys and 10 pounds of pasta
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Originally Posted by serenetabbie View Post
Heidi, I do the same thing. I often wonder what the check out clerks think when all I buy is three frozen turkeys and 10 pounds of pasta
Oh, I know the feeling. My dh eats this one kind of organic cereal. It costs a ton, so when it goes on sale like 1/2 off every 4-6 months, I buy a lot, like 20 boxes. Then no milk, LOL. The cashier is always looking at me crazy. My shopping lists can be wonky.
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Awesome thread! :
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We are a family of 7. Boys aged 11,9,7, and 2 (plus 6ft 8 DH) and DD (3) plus me.

We buy:

5 lbs spaghetti noodles
5 lbs white rice
2 lbs brown rice
3 lbs brown sugar
10 lbs sugar
10lbs flour
2 lbs sunfower seeds
2 lbs soy nuts
1lb roasted pumpkin seeds
4lbs raisins
6lbs oatmeal
4lbs cornmeal
4lbs of:
red beans
black beans
navy beans
lima/butter beans
split peas
pinto beans
8lbs of bulk candy...I know I am bad..lol
2lbs coconut

4 heads cabbage
2 bags carrots
2 bunches celery
2 bags onions
2 10lb bags of potatoes
brussel sprouts

Farmers Market
green onions

Canned foods
6 cans Spaghetti sauce
6 cans cream of mushroom soup
tomato paste (i buy 10-12 cans)
12 cans tuna
Peanut butter

8 boxes Mac and cheese

2 40lbs boxes of meat from local market... includes roast, hamburger, steak, pork steak, sausage, salami, and (hot dogs i know bad...lol) and chicken legs, and breasts Most of it is locally raised and it is only 50.00! WooHoo!
10 lbs ground turkey
4lbs bacon

Milk (we go through about a gallon a day)
10 dozen eggs
2 sour cream
4 margarine
1 large vanilla yogurt
2 cottage cheese

10 loaves whole wheat bread
4 loaves 12 grain flaxseed bread (for me)
flour tortillas
corn tortillas

I will post a meal plan later. We spend about 450-500 or so a month. Some months are as low as 300 depending on what we need.
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love this thread,i am inspired to do a oams next month,i'd better get organized :
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This is what would probably be on my list if I were to shop for 1 month.

3 loaves of bread
5lb bag of frozen broccoli
5lb bag of frozen mixed veggies
a few lbs of tomatoes
big bag of organic apples
3 bunches of bananas
10lbs of carrots
2lbs of green beans
2lbs of frozen edamame
2 bunches of asaparagus
3lbs of sticks of butter
1 big container of sour cream
2 big containers of plain yogurt
2 bags of pretzels
1lb of pork loin
10lbs of chicken breasts
5lbs of chicken drumsticks
1 whole chicken
whatever fish is on sale
3lbs of hamburger
10lbs of potatoes
2 bags of brown rice
1 bag of white rice
4 gallons of milk
4 half gallons of soy milk
2 gallons of apple juice
3 containers of 18ct eggs
2 big cans of crushed roma tomatoes
a bunch of garlic
2 boxes of cream of buckwheat
1 bag of oatmeal
1 carton of choc. soymilk
4 frozen pizzas
4 boxes of mac 'n cheese
1lb of bacon
2 packages of sliced cheese
2 packages of shredded cheese
2 bags of baby spinach
1 head of lettuce

I will update as I think of the stuff I buy.
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thanks CrunchyTamara

thanks CrunchyTamara
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Heres my list for 2wks (can't afford (room wise) and money wise to buy for 1mth):

-canned beans (for chili)
-frozen tator tots
-garlic salt
-tomato soups
-soft shell tortillas
-canned enchilada sauce
-BBQ Sauce
-natural peanut butter
-egg noodles
-stew meat
-cream of _____ soups/cheddar soups
-frozen chicken
-grits/hot cereals
-tomato sauce/paste
-turkey lunchmeat
-yellow rice (the cheap packs)
-frozen broccoli
-generic velveeta cheese
-bagged apples
-canned fruit
-baking soda
-bisquick knock-off
-self rising flour
-frozen hash browns
-tea bags
-kool aid (i love it!)
-juicy juice juices
-lemonade mix
-oregano/blacken seasoning
-granola cereal
-beef roast
-bread flour
-frozen pork chops
-corn tortillas
-brown sugar
-elbow macaroni
-frozen ravioli
-canned green chilis
-sour cream
-cream cheese
-coconut/choc chips/nuts
-bagged salad mix
-cesar salad dressing
-vanilla yogurt (big container)
-fresh grapes
-brussel sprouts
-bell peppers

Non-Food Items:
-tomato plant
-mason jars
-dish washing tablets
-dawn dish washing liquid
-bread pan

I have a menu planned for 2wks using these groceries and then the wk after, I'll make a smaller list w/what I need

B'fasts: grits, oatmeal, toast, cold cereal, cinnamon toast, cinnamon rolls, eggs, pancakes, bagels

Lunches: cold sandwiches, PB/J, tuna sandwiches, apples, quesadillas

Dinners: turkey chili, tator tot cassarole, mexican chicken, chicken/yellow rice, brocc cassarole, roast, beef stew, pb pie for dessert and magic cookie bars.

Its not the healthiest but were on a budget
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