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Any jewellers out there

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I just started jewellery making lessons. Last night I made a plain silver band. I made it a bit too wide & I have so many ideas as to how to improve it. I can't wait for my next lesson.

Anyone else out there making jewellery & selling it ? Were you self taught or did you do a degree or apprenticeship ?
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My husband and I both have MFAs in jewelry and metalsmithing. We focus on blacksmithing now. My husband is much more the jeweler than I am. He is a prof of Jewelry and metals at a University in this area.
I can handle the metalsmithing, but hate stonesetting.

I've met a few jewelers from Australia, but none from New Zealand. Where are you taking classes and with whom?
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I'm taking classes with a jeweller in Ponsonby. His web site is www.bijoux.co.nz I don't think the web site shows off his work that well. There's actually 2 of them. A father & son.
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I should have mentioned that I've read about great New Zealand jewelers in the British Crafts magazine. I just realized that it sounded like I didn't think there were any jewelers in NZ, which isn't true. I'm not up on my modern craft mags lately, now that I'm not near a big big University library.
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I just looked at the website. I like Kevin's work a lot- a little more funky than Matt's. Keep updating this thread as the classes go along. What kind of jewelry do you want to make?
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Kevin is the Dad. matt is the one teaching me. I don't feel their website shows off their work at all.

As to the type of jewellery I want to make. Hmm..... I love simple things. I like pieces that show off, say, a beautiful stone. But then I also like intricate, ornate pieces. I guess I'll start simple to get the techniques right & then work on from there & see where it takes me.
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